Acoustical Ceiling Tiles for Soundproofing

When trying to fight off the noise and unwanted sounds that could mar your overall living and well being, then it will be of the essence to use some soundproof products like the Acoustical ceiling tiles to control such sounds especially in large, noisy areas like the gymnasium, classrooms, auditoriums, manufacturing plants areas, cafeteria, and restaurants. Acoustical ceiling tiles are lightweight, moisture, bacteria and fungi, resistant, impact resistant, and tackable surface tiles. It a sound dampening ceiling tiles for soundproofing ceiling. It is used to soften ambient noise in a building or home

Acoustic ceiling tiles are manufactured for a variety of materials like the PVC and fiberboard, there are mostly sold as squares tiles and used or dropped into a grid of metal strips that are then hung from the real room ceiling. Acoustical ceiling tiles are not like other ceiling tiles that do little in terms of noise absorption, acoustical ceiling tiles helps to stop noise leaving or entering through the ceiling.

Characteristics of Acoustical Ceiling Tiles

  • There are cleanable and have eco-friendly finishes.
  • There have an insulation value.
  • It is impact resistance.
  • It has fiber optic lighting.
  • Offers aesthetical options.
  • Moisture resistant both indoor and outdoor.
  • Lightweight sound-absorbing ceiling tiles.
  • Class A fire retardant.
  • No fiberglass and nonfibrous

Needs for Acoustical Ceiling Tiles for Soundproofing

Quality of Sound

Getting acoustic ceiling tiles helps to not only improve the appearance of a facility or place but augment the quality of sound depending on what one wants. The acoustic ceiling does three significant functions of soundproofing. It helps to block sound, absorb sound or scatter sound.

Helps in Sound Absorbing

Acoustical ceiling tiles for soundproofing first importance is to absorb sounds; it helps to reduce vibration reflecting within a space. There help to give a maximum sound control wherever it is used, e.g., are AlphaSorb wood fiber drop-in tile and polyphon polyester tiles.

Sound Blocking Tiles

Acoustical ceiling help to block off unwanted sound and noise, if one wishes to prevent sound from seeping through a grid system. It is a fact that most houses have ceiling grid systems that only have partitions walls that only stop where the grid is.

Soundproofing Foam Acoustic Tiles

So if you have a wall that does not meet the roof, then a sound can quickly get in through the grid to your space and then again you might want to prevent any mechanical noise from entering your area. Then you need the acoustical ceiling tiles in your grid to block off all sound and noise. Examples are signature sound barrier ceiling tiles and privacyShield ceiling tile Barrier

It Helps to Diffuse Sounds and Noises

Acoustical ceiling tiles will help to spread sound by scattering and dispersing it. So this will now redirect the sound in a different direction at this moment reducing the intensity of the sounds though almost like absorbing it but this time it will improve its clarity which is most useful in an environment that needs critical listening Example are Alphadiffuser and pyramid diffuser.

Acoustical Ceiling Tiles for Soundproof

Different types of Acoustical ceiling tiles can be used for various acoustic issues or purposes. The following are the different acoustical ceiling tiles that can be used to reduced noise.

Alphasorb Acoustic Ceiling Tile

This will be a perfect option if one needs a soundproof acoustical ceiling tile that matches one’sfabric wrapped panels.

Sustainable Series

These will be good if one need tiles with a white eco-friendly finish for soundproof.

Alphasorb Paintable Acoustic Ceiling Tile

These tiles can be used if one needs excellent sound absorption that has white and black finishing.

Signature Acoustic Ceiling Tile

These acoustic ceiling tiles for soundproof offers an increased insulation value apart noise reduction and it mostly in black and white color.

Alphamidnight Tile

Alphamidnight tile is another excellent ceiling tiles for soundproof, apart from absorbing it also provides a blackout ceiling, but if one wants a star like ceiling then acousticlight tile can be used and this also offers fiber optic lighting.

Acoustitherm, Alphaenviro,Polysorpt, and Sonex Clean

These are all acoustical ceiling tiles for soundproof that have cleanable options because there all have wipe-able surfaces.

How to Clean and Maintain Your Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

It is pertinent to also clean and keeps these ceiling tiles like other essential furniture or fixture we have in our homes to make them last or stand the test of time as expected. With acoustic ceiling tiles since one will be under the ceiling it very possible that dust and particles from the roof might be airborne, so one needs to take precaution by wearing a safety mask, goggles with gloves, then if you have furniture you can get them covered.

  • Use a vacuum cleaners attachment to remove dust from the hollow space behind the tiles of the acoustic ceiling.
  • Use a soft brush to clean the tiles and remove stuck on particles.
  • For noticeable stains, film, and smoke the best way to get them off is through using a chemical dry sponge.
  • Use a ½ tablespoon of bleach and ½ gallon of water to remove dark spots or mildew.
  • To remove any discoloration allows the bleach mixture dry on the ceiling and spray on it as needed until the blemish disappears.


The best way of reducing airborne noise and improving the sound quality within a room is by using the acoustical ceiling tiles. Acoustic ceiling tiles for soundproof helps in absorbing sounds waves and also eliminating echoes. The secret of having the very best from these tiles is not to paint them. Painting them reduces their acoustical capabilities and to get the best of the tiles you should check to buy acoustical tiles with noise reduction coefficient rating that is between 80-85%. Advice is that you can pair your acoustical ceiling tiles with ceiling insulation to see the most result you need.

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