Best Quiet Garage Opener

Garage door openers have truly come a long way since first being introduced to the general public.

The old traditional methods of getting out of your vehicle and hand-opening the garage door in the rain and severely cold conditions are a memory of the past. Garage door openers of today are the introduction to the latest in technology that is designed for your convenience and efficiency.

In the following review, we will cover a variety of garage door openers each designed with specific features for years of continual maintenance-free use.

Your garage door opener is being utilized over 1,500 times a year based on a one-car garage. Multiply by two or three times, depending on the number of vehicles you may own results in figures that are staggering and surprising.

In this article, I will introduce you to the best quiet garage opener available today that have a long history of performance and dependability. These garage door openers are designed to make life a little easier while offering safety for your family with the latest in wireless controls.

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We have selected our top 8 picks for the best quiet garage openers:

1. Chamberlain Group B550 Garage Door Opener

Chamberlain Group B550 Garage Door Opener

This Chamberlin B550 is truly the best quiet garage door opener which delivers a durable steel-reinforced belt drive for years of continual reliability.

This well-deigned and easy to install opener makes handling your home more comfortable with Smartphone MyQ technology (sold separately).

Powered by Chamberlin Lift Power System this particular opener has the highest lifting capacity with a ½ hp motor and a higher dependability factor.

This garage door opener consists of designs with the latest in security and safety, including a dual-function wall control panel and wireless keypad for optimum performance in all weather conditions.

With the most recent in encryption and monitoring, this garage door opener, when paired with your home Internet Service Provider, safeguards against all hacking of personal accounts including banking.

Chamberlin also provides unmatched security with over one-billion code encryptions that automatically changes the code of this premiere garage door opener each time the door is opened. Posilock anti-theft protection securely and automatically locks your garage door, making it impossible for forced entry.


  • Easy to install.
  • Posilock anti-theft protection.
  • ½ hp motor and a higher dependability.


  • Integration fee (subscription) that must be purchased.

2. Chamberlain Group B970 Garage Door Opener

Chamberlain Group B970 Garage Door Opener

Chamberlin continues to lead the way with the latest in innovative quiet garage door openers on the market today. This 970-garage door opener provides the most recent features with a powerful motor that can effortlessly lift standard size seven-foot garage doors with ease.

Chamberlain garage door openers are manufactured to not only open and close your garage door but solve many other additional common household problems with sophisticated leading Wi-Fi technology.

This garage door opener has a strong, well-designed rubber, steel-reinforced belt that is built to last a lifetime. The whisper-quiet operation makes this garage door opener perfect for bedrooms that are located directly above the garage. Receive notifications via your Smartphone any time your garage door opens or closes, to ensure 24/7 security.

This garage door opener may well be the last opener you will ever have to purchase, designed with the finest materials available. The included wireless feature enables you to set your four-digit code without the use of a remote. One-touch is all you require for immediate access to your garage door.

The motion-detecting control panel allows for effortless programming of all remotes, keypads, and MyQ wireless lighting accessories. All lights will turn on automatically when motion is detected for additional security. Protector System sensors with Rapid-Snap brackets project an invisible beam across the garage door opening with automatic reverse preventing children and pets from possible injury. The opener lights turn on and flash when the infrared beam is broken from blockage of any type of object.


  • Strong, well-designed rubber, steel-reinforced belt.
  • 24/7 security.
  • Motion-detecting control panel.


  • Any slight misstep in the process will lock you out from configuring the settings for 30 minutes.

3. Genie 4042-TKH SilentMax 1200 Ultra Garage Door Opener

Genie 4042-TKH SilentMax 1200 Ultra Garage Door Opener

The Genie SilentMax 1200 garage door opener is the ideal option if your garage is attached to your home. This model comes with a 140V DC motor that is lighter in weight and offers ultra-quiet and smooth operation, so that your family will not be disturbed by a noisy garage door opener. The soft start and stop feature of the motor provides smooth garage door travel, an improvement over AC motors. It’s strong enough for almost any residential garage door, up to 7 feet in height (or 8 feet with an extension kit sold separately).

The SilentMax provides increased opening speeds, up to 9 inches per second, yet still has safety features for your peace of mind. The Safe-T-Beam system helps prohibit accidents via an invisible infrared beam across the door opening, which reverses the door if an object crosses the beam of LED light. The beams are improved with diagnostic technology to alert you if a malfunction occurs. Even the lighting system in the SilentMax is focused on your safety: the 2 Bulb Bright Lighting System has space for 2 100-watt bulbs (not included) and an innovative power head design that places the lighting toward the back of the garage where you may need it most.

The SilentMax also contains a built in motion detector that will automatically turn the overhead lights on for added convenience and security! Equipped with Intellicode Security technology, the SilentMax 1200 provides additional safety by preventing unauthorized access to your garage. Intellicode is a rolling code technology that automatically changes the access code on each door activation and the opener is swift and effortless to install, with a premium reinforced low profile c-channel rail that presents a clean design to help protect against dirt and debris buildup. Flush-mounting capability allows for low headroom applications and needs no additional hardware for assembly.

The Genie SilentMax 1200 has a Limited Lifetime Motor and Gearbox Warranty, and accessories include two pre-programmed 3-button remotes, a Wireless Keyless Keypad and a Multi-Function Wall Console (Control Panel) with vacation lock and light control button. Genie’s SmartSet programming makes setup for the opener fast and effortless, with the simple push of a button. Due to California Senate Bill No. 969, as of 01 July 2019 all garage door openers, sold to or installed at any residence in California, needs to have a battery backup system included. Please search for Genie battery backup to find one that is in compliance with this particular law.


  • Added convenience and security.
  • 140V DC motor.
  • Fast and effortless.


  • May require extension kit.

4. Genie QuietLift Connect – WiFi Smart Garage Door Opener

Genie QuietLift Connect – WiFi Smart Garage Door Opener

The Genie Quiet Lift Connect belt drive smart garage door opener provides a DC motor paired with a steel-reinforced belt making this quiet garage door opener the perfect choice for garages that are attached to living spaces. Plus, the integrated Aladdin Connect Wi-Fi Smartphone technology enables your garage door to be part of your smart home. You can turn your garage into a WIFI garage with the Genie Aladdin Connect free Smartphone app that enables you to set up virtual keys for individual users through their own app.

The Quiet Lift Connect comes equipped with Intellicode rolling code technology that prohibits unauthorized persons from gaining access. You will also enjoy the added conveniences of 2 pre-programmed 3 button garage door opener remotes for faster set-up. A wireless exterior keypad and a wall control panel with an independent light button and vacation lock are also included for additional security.

To assist you in keeping up with constantly evolving technology, this garage door controller is also no compatible with digital assistants for the ultimate convenience and security! Utilize it with your Google Assistant and Alexa to keep your house seamlessly connected. The Genie Safe-T-Beam garage door safety sensors ensure your family's safety and help prohibit accidents with an infrared beam of light across the door opening.


  • Ultimate convenience and security.
  • Features safety sensors.
  • Steel-reinforced belt.


  • No way to open or close door natively through Google home.
  • Cumbersome Google assistant integration.

5. LiftMaster 8500 Wall Mount Garage Door Opener

LiftMaster 8500 Wall Mount Garage Door Opener

You can free up limited ceiling space and install one of the best wall-mounted residential or commercial grade garage door openers available. Through the product innovation and designing, this wall-mounted garage door opener is a precision designed opener that is included in all LiftMaster garage door openers.

Installation requires front mounted torsion springs, generally located above the garage door.

This wall-mounted garage door opener is suggested for garages with either cathedral or obstructed ceiling heights, commonly utilized in commercial applications with growing residential installations. The high-performance p3 motor of this unit has enough power to lift 14’high sectional doors straight up with ease.

MyQ technology allows you to monitor and control this garage door opener carefully, including all interior house lights with the use of a Smartphone, tablet, or computer. LiftMaster Internet Gateway internet subscription service is needed. Vibrations or annoying noises are suppressed with the quiet operation of this wall-mounted unit.

Remote light provides an astonishing 200 watts of light with adjustable time delay. This wall-mounted unit can produce over 1,500 lumens of bright light that is similar to daylight. The automatic garage door lock feature of this opener securely locks the door in the closed position via deadbolts and can only be opened with remote, wall-mounted or wireless keypad.

The opener is shipped complete with everything required including wireless lamp, wall control, motor, coupling, tension sensor and one remote control for the car. Included installation instructions are well written, effortless to read, and follow making installation of this opener virtually painless.


  • High-performance p3 motor.
  • Vibrations or annoying noises are suppressed with the quiet operation of this wall-mounted unit.


  • Internet subscription service is needed,

6. Craftsman Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

Craftsman Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

The name Craftsman carries with it a name for quality products that have stretched generations. This chain drive ½ hp garage door opener is symbolic of the quality that built into each and every Craftsman product. This unit will supply years of dependable service designed with security, safety, and convenience.

Tri-frequency of this dependable and rugged garage door opener gets rid of any effects of interference caused by surrounding and other household items, giving you access to your garage when needed.

Anti-Burglary coding technology guarantees you the secure operation of this door opener every time the remote-control button is utilized.

Wireless keyless entry pad allows entry into your garage with specialized, easy-to-remember 4-digit PIN codes that you choose.

This unit features a quick-install rail system that is fast, simple and shipped complete with all the associated hardware required. There is also no need for specialized tools or complicated instructions with this unit. Simple interface monitors automatically sets and adjusts the force needed to open and close your garage door during temperature fluctuations keeping your garage door in the proper downward or upward position.

Open and close your garage door with Smartphone apps, another convenient feature provided by Craftsman garage door openers.

Three-button remote controls enable you to program up to three garage doors with a frequency range up to 1,500 feet. No need to buy or program additional remotes for each garage door. Included standard Safety Sensors automatically reverse up or down motion of your garage door when obstructions are apparent.

This particular garage door can lift standard, roll-up garage doors of 7′ feet in height. Eight-foot and ten-foot garage openers are also sold to accommodate homes with bigger garage doors.

This Craftsman garage door will project end-to-end lighting throughout the interior of your garage. The opener has dual-lens panels each holding a maximum 100-watt CLF bulb (sold separately)


  • Provides security, safety, and convenience.
  • Frequency range up to 1,500 feet.
  • 4-digit PIN codes that you choose.


  • No cons.

7. Chamberlain Group RJO20 Garage Door Opener

Chamberlain Group RJO20 Garage Door Opener

Lacking headroom to install the traditional garage door opener is not an issue with this wall-mounted, direct-drive garage door opener from Chamberlin.

This dense garage door opener mounts to either side of your garage door, freeing up overhead ceiling space. This unit virtually gets rid of typical garage door vibrations with a smooth, quiet operation that makes this unit one of the best wall mounted garage door openers on the market.

This garage door opener has deadbolt security that firmly locks your garage door in the down position that is clearly heard. When opening your garage door, the deadbolt automatically releases your garage door providing the smooth opening operation that all Chamberlin garage door openers are known for.

Full-encryption security technology prohibits hacking of codes and other personal information when utilizing the built-in Wi-Fi on the provided Smartphone MyQ app. Direct drive technology is the latest innovation from Chamberlin. This garage door opener is manufactured to work in conjunction with the overhead spring tension bar located directly above your garage door. No drive belts or chains are required with the installation of this premiere wall-mounted garage door opener.

Mounting and operation and positioning functions only with garage doors with overhead tension spring bars.

Installation is simplified when following the detailed instructions that are included with this unit needing only minimal do-it-yourself mechanical experience. If needed, professional installation is also available for a nominal additional charge.


  • Smooth, quiet operation.
  • No drive belts or chains are required with the installation.
  • Direct drive technology.


  • It requires the use of a "Gateway" module that connects to your router via CAT5 cable.
  • A bit pricey.

8. Genie ChainGlide Connect – WiFi Smart Garage Door Opener

Genie ChainGlide Connect – WiFi Smart Garage Door Opener

This garage door opener is perhaps one of the most affordable and dependable garage door openers on the market today.

The long legacy of superior performance and tradition of Genie overrides other garage door openers with an overall higher price yet remains competitive.

This garage door opener is manufactured to work in conjunction with the dependable Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for the ultimate in convenience and hassle-free operation.

This opener also functions very well with the latest in technology including HomeLink and Car2U without any additional hardware.

Also, don’t let the ½ hp motor of this garage door opener fool you. This motor has loads of power to lift garage doors of seven feet with ease despite door configuration with a total maximum weight of 500 lbs. This DC motor is dependable and has a long history of superior performance in all weather conditions with little to no maintenance or readjustments of chain drive required.

Compatible with the latest in wi-fi technology, you can simply download the free app, follow the on-screen instructions, and immediately be connected to your Wi-Fi in minutes.

Chain guide connects features of this garage door opener enables multiple users on smart phones or other devices. Create Virtual Keys for immediate access to the functions of your garage door and it is excellent for parents that want to “track” other members of the family late night or sunrise activities.

Installation of this garage door opener is effortless and installs with minimal do-it-yourself knowledge. No other hardware is required saving time and money eliminating running to the local hardware store for additional mounting bolts or other hardware. Professional installation is also available if needed through local professional garage door opener installers for an additional charge.

Genie’s SmartSet programming makes set up quick and easy with the simple push of the included remote-control button. It simply does not get any easier than that.

Intellicode security constantly changes the codes of this opener each time the remote-control button is pushed. With billions of codes, duplication or interference of the transmission code is eliminated indefinitely.

Other models of this garage door opener are also available on Amazon which includes the Genie 500, 550 and 750 each with specific features for a variation of installations and applications.


  • Affordable.
  • Dependable garage door opener.
  • Convenient and hassle-free operation.


  • You have to make use of the wired pad you install inside if you want to close it also you have to hold the button until it’s completely open or closed, you can’t just push it to open or close.

Buyers Guide

Getting the most value from your hard-earned dollar usually involves spending time looking for a versatile product that is affordable and dependable. Such is the case when choosing the right garage door opener that will best suit your current individual requirements.

There are many garage door openers on the market today, each providing the latest in customized features that often tend to accelerate the overall price of the unit.

My review of the best quiet garage door openers is designed to point out the many features that are available on garage door openers today. Before venturing out into the growing inventory of garage door openers, take a moment to thoroughly review the following guide on what to look for when purchasing a garage door opener. What you learn and discover might save you from making the wrong decision.

Types of Garage Door Openers

All garage door openers are basically designed the same way each with a sole purpose or function, which is to open and close your garage door. Even though garage door openers appear similar in design, the drive mechanism can differ significantly.

Today, there are five types of garage door openers, which include:

  • Belt drive.
  • Chain drive.
  • Screw drive.
  • Direct drive.
  • Jack shaft drive.

When searching for a new or replacement garage door opener, many factors need to be taken into consideration. Horsepower and drive are perhaps the most essential aspects of any garage door opener. Purchasing a garage door opener with too much horsepower is wasting money. The same applies to an opener that does not have the lifting capacity required.

It is my intention in this section of my review of the best quiet garage door openers, to bring to light some essential information in choosing the right garage door opener.

Belt Drive Garage Door Openers

Belts for garage door openers are designed from a variety of durable materials including steel-reinforced rubber, Kevlar polymer, and fiberglass of polyurethane. Reinforced steel belts are the most commonly utilized on garage door openers manufactured today and with a higher degree of longevity.

Belt drive garage door openers are generally very quiet with less vibration.

Chain Drive Garage Door Openers

Similar to a bike chain drive, chain drive garage door openers usually wrap around a loop that pulls the trolley fastened to the garage door. Chain drive garage doors are versatile, highly affordable, and quickly lift old and oversized doors.

Direct-Drive Garage Door Openers

Stationary chain drives the motor with only one moving part and direct-drive garage door openers have become less common than years in past however are still available by special order. Wall mounted garage door openers utilized direct-drive operation.

Jack Shaft Garage Door Openers

Commonly referred to as wall-mounted garage door opener, these units are usually installed in areas with minimal headroom. These wall-mounted units have progressively increased in popularity due to advanced onboard computerization, durability, and ease of direct connection to overhead high-tension spring rails.

Today, the two most commonly utilized garage door openers remain the belt-drive and the chain-drive openers.

Garage Door Motors and Horsepower

Garage door opener motors are labeled either AC or DC. Either style will function on regular 120V household current. You might find that AC motors are more reliable and the most affordable. However, DC motors are much less noisy. Always be sure to look for a garage door opener that has a battery backup when the power goes out. You will be surprised how often you will make use of this feature.

Sufficient horsepower for a standard sized garage door ranges from ½ to 1 ½ hp. A ½ hp garage door opener motor is adequate for raising and lowering the majority of door types. Higher-powered ¾ hp motors are typically utilized on heavier doors made from wood or other composite materials. Smaller horsepower garage door openers are standard in commercial garage door openers due to the lightweight construction of the doors.

Features and Accessories

From Wi-Fi capability to the more traditional standard features, garage door openers provided today carry with them a long list of features and accessories. From battery backup to rolling code security, the options chosen will often determine the overall price of the unit.

With the advancement of modern technology, consumers place a greater emphasis on home automation, which includes the operation of the garage door. Voice activated garage door openers may not be for everyone but continue to gain in popularity for busy lifestyles.

The most predominate feature and accessory featured on most garage door openers today are remote control buttons with one to three button control and a wireless keypad. These features are typically standard on most garage door openers sold today.

Regardless of the garage door opener chosen, safety remains a primary concern mandated by state and local laws. Crushing injuries to children and pets have brought about the new and improved addition of safety sensors automatically reversing the garage door opener when the invisible laser light beam is broken. Significant fines and penalties can be imposed on the homeowner without the installation of this motion, safety detectors.

Common Garage Door Problems

There are times when even a new garage door opener has some problems. These problems are usually minor and can be easily repaired in a few minutes. Other times, a qualified professional may be needed if the problem with your garage door appears to be something of the more serious nature.

Remote controls or wall switches that do not function at all seems to be one of the most common garage door problems. It is crucial to remember that your garage door opener operates on standard household 120V current. Always check to see if the garage door opener is plugged in to the correct outlet. There are times when the opener will come unplugged due to maintenance when working on the garage door or simply has not been plugged in properly.

The wall switch is dependent on your garage door opener for power. It may also be advisable to check the electrical panel of your home. Garage door openers should be on a dedicated circuit, which has no other uses. Over loading of the garage door circuit will cause the circuit breaker in your electrical panel to “pop” prohibiting fires.

If you happen to notice that the circuit breaker in the electrical panel is “popped” DO NOT try to reset the circuit breaker until the cause is determined. Call a licensed electrician to find the correct cause of the disconnect before proceeding.

Another common problem with garage door openers is often related to remote controls or wireless keypads not working. Both these units run on batteries that require annual replacement. Replacing the batteries on both units should solve this problem.

Other associated common issues with garage door openers are the adjustments on the opener itself. Not all garage door openers come readjusted because not all garage doors are the same. Referring to the included manual with your new garage door opener will offer specific instructions from door not closing all the way, to reversing halfway up or down and many other similar situations. A well written owner’s manual should indicate the location of the adjustment’s screws with specific detailed instruction on how to repair your garage door opener properly.

When in doubt, you can search on the Internet for your specific manufacturer and model of your garage door opener. There are videos and step-by step instructions on these websites that will guide you through the general issues with most garage door openers.

Making the necessary adjustment is effortless and only takes a few minutes. These do-it-yourself tips need no specialized tools or training. Save yourself some time and additional funds spent calling a garage door opener repairman to do what you are fully capable of handling yourself.

Final Recommendation

For our final recommendation we have selected the Chamberlain Group Chamberlain B970 because this garage door opener has a strong, well-designed rubber, steel-reinforced belt that is built to last a lifetime. The motion-detecting control panel allows for effortless programming of all remotes, keypads, and MyQ wireless lighting accessories. This garage door opener may well be the last opener you will ever have to purchase, designed with the finest materials available.


There is much more in choosing the appropriate garage door opener than expected. Garage door openers are more of a convenience than a necessity although it might be hard to find a garage today without some form of an opener.

Garage door openers have definitely come a long way with the invention of smart features. Garage door openers today not only open and close your garage door but monitor home activity and security as well with the latest in Wi-Fi technology. What the future holds for garage door openers remains to be discovered with possible additional features that will most likely change opening a standard garage door forever.

It has been my pleasure to provide you with valuable information on my selection of the best quiet garage door opener reviews. Please take a moment and review all the information provided if you are looking to buy a new or replace your old worn-out opener. The information given in this review is a valuable resource in locating the best possible garage door opener that will meet and exceed all your expectations for years yet to come.

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