Best Soundproof Carpet Pad

The best soundproof carpet pad helps minimize floor noise while improving overall acoustics in your home or apartment. It is pretty much common knowledge for everyone those living on their own that an apartment are by far one of the nosiest places to inhabit.

Conversely, there is always a chance that the activities that you partake in yourself can cause problems with your neighbors as well.

No matter if you cause noise by having company over or playing music, whatever sound you create in your apartment can likely be heard by your neighbors.

This is why you will need to look into potentially soundproofing your apartment, and one of the best methods to do so is to soundproof your apartment floor with the best soundproof rug pads.

This assists in absorbing vibrations that are created by one's daily noise and makes it possible to block out the noise of others. 

In this article we will be taking a look at the ways in which you can make your own apartment into a haven that is protected from noise, both inside and out.

We will be looking at the methods that can be utilized and the products you need to create a soundproof apartment floor, and without losing your security deposit on unauthorized modifications.

Details On - Best Soundproof Carpet Pad

Here are 6 of the best soundproof carpet pads:

1. DoubleCheck Products Non Slip Rug Pad

DoubleCheck Products Non Slip Rug Pad

This product is marked in all aspects durability, quality, safety and pricing. It also keeps rugs in place on all hard surface floors. Prevents accidentally slipping on moving rugs as well as preventing scratching hard wood floors, and extends rug life.

It makes vacuuming easier, adds extra cushioning and comfort and has thick padding to enhance a powerful grip. It is odor free and won't stain your floors and can easily be trimmed to any shape or size. It is also naturally antimicrobial, hands washable and intended for indoor use only. This carpet pad won't stain your floors.  

For rug sizes up to 8\' X 10\' actual pad size approx 90" X 116" and can be easily cut if requires to fit any non standard sized rug. Keeps rugs in place and prohibits bunching and sliding while children or pets are playing or just during normal daily use makes vacuuming easier protects floor surfaces and provides extra cushioning and comfort. It adds support, allowing air circulation, and holding your rug in place it will minimize the wear and tear and add years to your rug\'s life.


  • Extremely durable.
  • Prevents sliding.
  • Allows for air circulation.


  • May be sticky once applied and leave residue.

2. BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat with EVA Foam

BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat with EVA Foam

With double sided non-slip surfaces, BalanceFrom puzzle mat comes with an excellent slip resistant advantage to prohibit injuries. Exceptional resilience enables you to keep your balance during any exercise style.

Moisture resistant technology makes the mat to be effortlessly washed with soap and water. Interlocking feature and lightweight make it fairly simple to assemble. The BalanceFrom puzzle mat is manufactured and sold exclusively by BalanceFrom Amazon store.

With high density foam material, the 1/2'' thick premium mat comfortably cushions spine, hips, knees and elbows on hard floors and is easy to clean. The mats are made of high density EVA foam material so they will last long. Durability, quality, safety and pricing

With high quality material and precise cut, the puzzle locking system locks mats together tightly to ensure they won't come apart easily. These mats are designed with the non-slip pattern surface on one side and flat surface on another side. The flat side faces the floor. There are also 3 colors to choose from: Black, Gray and Blue. Each pack comes with 6 tiles and 12 end borders, 24 square feet covering area in total.


  • High density foam material.
  • 3 colors to choose from.
  • Easily washable.


  • May be lighter in color.

3. Rug Pad USA, 7/16"

Rug Pad USA, 7/16"

Superior Lock 7/16" is a premium luxury rug pad with the signature black textured waffle natural rubber backing for an improved grip to keep your rugs anchored firmly in place while the dense heat pressed needle punched 32oz sq/yd felt cushions your rug as the fibers mesh with the rugs backing and together.

This felt and rubber combination prevents the rug from shifting as well as bunching or wrinkling which can stress the weave or stitching of a rug. Superior Lock 7/16" includes a 15oz sq/yd natural rubber layer with an additional 5oz face coat which reinforces its non skid properties as well as prohibiting the deterioration of the padding.

The solid underlayment is designed to catch dirt and contaminants that fall through the rug, from normal foot traffic, to the floors finish. The low VOC pad is made in the USA with only the highest quality materials. With no adhesives, glues, or PVC. CRI Green Label and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified pad and is ideal for the Environment friendly home.

Firm grip and premium protection married with lush cushioning underfoot to make your rug welcoming as well as comfortable. This superior Lock 7/16" features sound insulating and acoustical benefits as well and has a 20 Year Warranty.


  • Rubber keeps rug firmly in place.
  • Rug does not shift easily.
  • Features a comfortable cushioning underfoot.


  • Rug may not be as thick as advertised.

4. RUGPADUSA, 5'x8', 1/2" Thick

RUGPADUSA, 5'x8', 1/2" Thick

Natural rubber backing prevents rugs from sliding, bunching, and wrinkling in high traffic areas. It is perfect for all rug types and sizes. The heat pressed felt base adds cushion underneath area rugs. This type of rugs should only be utilized with large rugs underneath furniture.

They carefully source materials that won’t stain, strip, or mar hard surface flooring as long as flooring manufacturer’s instructions are followed. Domestic manufacturing allows for full control over the materials they utilize in their rug pads, to deliver a premium product at a fair price.

All of their rug pads are cut by hand at their warehouse for each order. They also offer non-standard sizes and shapes for all rug types. Don't see your rug size perhaps? All rug pads can be effortlessly trimmed with household scissors to perfectly fit your rug. Their premium felt rug pads are made from 100% recycled fiber content, which is compressed into a 1/2 of an inch thick pad, tough enough to stand up to the heaviest traffic, also adding extra comfort and protection for your rug and all types of flooring surfaces and they also meet the credit requirements for USGBC LEED Rating Systems. Felt rug pads are an excellent selection for noise reduction and are also hypo-allergenic. RUGPADUSA Basics Felt rug pads will also preserve both your rug and your floors and are the top choice for 100% premium felt rug pads.


  • Rubber prevents sliding of rug.
  • Made from 100% recycle fiber content.
  • Extremely thick padding.


  • May be thinner than advertised.

5. Mohawk Home Dual Surface Felt and Latex Non Slip Rug Pad

Mohawk Home Dual Surface Felt and Latex Non Slip Rug Pad

The rubber backing features a textured pattern which allows more rubber to grip the floor, supplying the effective non-slip rug pad. Rug Pad Central high density Felt Rubber has a brown rubber backing and the synthetic fiber side (felt side) is over 1/4" thick and extremely dense rug pad manufactured by Rug Pad Central.

In addition to helping prohibit trip hazards accidentally caused by a heel of a shoe catching on the edge of the rug, rug pads sized slightly smaller also slow the premature wear and curling at the rug’s edge as it is walked on. Other benefits of this rug pad include: noise absorption, easier vacuuming and an added layer of comfort between your feet and the hard floor beneath.

These carpet pads can be easily be trimmed with scissors to match the exact size and shape of your rug so set up is a breeze. The way to determine what size your rug pad should be pretty simple. The rug pad should be about one inch less than your rug size on all four sides so it will remain hidden. If the rug pad is a bit smaller than the rug, then the edges of the rug will taper to the floor.

Aside from helping to secure your rug in place, rug pads also preserves the longetivity of your rug from every day wear-and-tear while protecting your flooring. These rug pads also provide shock absorbency and comfort with a soft, supportive cushion foundation.


  • Extremely dense rug pad.
  • Preserves longtivity of rugs.
  • Has a soft, supportive cushion foundation.


  • May have a chemical odor.

6. GORILLA GRIP Original Felt and Rubber Underside Gripper Area Rug Pad

GORILLA GRIP Original Felt and Rubber Underside Gripper Area Rug Pad

The Gorilla Grip Original Rug Pad is designed for hard floors only and its open grid construction helps prohibit dust build up and bacteria from forming under your rugs. Note: May not be suitable for utilization on carpet, vinyl, lacquered, acrylic, natural stone, porous, or refinished surfaces.

Check floor manufacturer’s directions before using to ensure rug pad will not harm floor surface. The Gorilla Grip Felt + Rubber Rug Pad is designed with quality .25" condensed needle punch felt for increased durability, cushion, and rug as well as floor protection.

The felt helps to supply a thick cushion, so your floors stay protected from traffic and your feet stay extra comfy. The Gorilla Grip Carpet Rug Pad also helps to lock rugs on place on carpet floors.

This pad is designed to minimize moving and bunching. It won't stain or leave any residue on carpet. This soundproof carpet pad has a bottom adhesive and is NOT intended for utilization on hard floors. Note: While this product is intended to be safe for most carpeting, we do recommend cutting a small piece of the rug pad and testing in small, inconspicuous areas on your rug prior to use to be sure there are no problems. These rug pads are constructed of premium materials that make them durable and strong, so your rugs won't move or bunch on your hard floors. Plus, these rug pads feature a 1/4" thick condensed needle punch felt for increased durability, cushion, and rug and floor protection.


  • Will not leave stains or residue on carpet.
  • Durable and strong.
  • Extremely comfortable.


  • May be too thin for some.

Final Recommendation

We recommend trying out the DoubleCheck Products Non Slip Rug Pad Size 8 X 10 for Hard Surface Floors Extra Strong Grip and Thick Padding because of its durability, quality, safety and pricing. It is odor free and won't stain your floors and can easily be trimmed to any shape or size. This is ultimately an excellent selection if you are searching for one of the best soundproof rug pads.

Whether you want to soundproof your flooring, improve a room’s decor or simply add a bit of carpeting to an area where there is none, a soundproof carpet pad can be a key factor of your home’s décor. But when you discover the perfect area rug or carpet for your living space, don’t forget about the flooring underneath it. You’ll want to secure it while also adding safety and ease to the carpet that will be on top of it. That’s why you need the best soundproof carpet pad.

Think of wall-to-wall carpeting that’s fitted with padding underneath it: the concept behind rug pads is the same. Some rug pads add depth to cushion your footsteps and reduce the sound of shoes slamming on the floor. Others are designed essentially to keep carpet in place. Some serve various purposes.

There are various types of flooring which you can place a rug put on, the list includes just about any type, including the following.

  • Vinyl
  • Hardwood
  • Ceramic tile
  • Carpets
  • Laminate
  • Concrete

Benefits of a Choosing the Best Soundproof Carpet Pad

  • A soundproof carpet pad can reduce noise levels. If you’ve ever been irritated by loud footsteps on a floor, you will value how a rug pad dampen this sound. The material acts as soundproofing layer for footsteps and other sounds.
  • A rug pad helps slip prevention. Most carpets offer some level of slip prevention. Grid-like patterns and slip-resistant cloths and coatings aid in this. In turn, people who walk on the carpet are less likely to slip and fall.
  • A soundproof carpet pad safeguards your flooring. A carpet can prevent dirt, spills, and rubbish from reaching the flooring. It can also protect the flooring from scratches and stains.
  • A carpet pad increases the lifespan of your rug. A carpet adds longevity to the rugs they support by stopping the bunching, overlapping, and curling that can damage a rug over a span of time.
  • Soundproof carpet pads make the carpet cozier. Not all carpet padding is dense, but those that are manufactured to add cushioning have noticeable thickness. This makes the rug gentler to walk on by decreasing vibration — perfect for family rooms, playrooms, and bedrooms.

Soundproof Carpet Pad Features


Rug pads come in different sorts of materials, including cushiony foam and felt. The lining may be made of latex or rubber to prevent slipping. Be aware, that not all rug carpet has these non-slip characteristics.

Carpet pads made of polymers, PVC, and plant-based substances are typically thinner and are manufactured to prevent rugs from slipping out of place. However, they aren’t ideal if want to add density to your rug or sound protection to a room.


As we’ve stated, carpet pads designed to prevent slipping aren’t very thick; pads for this purpose are on average one-eighth of an inch thick or less. If you buy a thicker pad, the thickness may range from one-quarter of an inch to just under one-half of an inch.


There are rug pads as small as 2 x 3 feet and as big as 12 x 20 feet. Keep in mind that not all carpet pads come in a range of different size options. However, you could always trim a larger rug to fit a smaller rug pad, or you could place various pads side by side under a lengthy, broader rug.


Rug pad materials are manufactured with airflow in mind. This feature is excellent at preventing moisture accumulation between the pad and flooring. This method is making suctioning of dirt and debris with a vacuum cleaner more successful.

Special features

When you shop for a carpet pad, you will observe that some products incorporate other special attributes that may or may not be important to you. For example, a hypoallergenic carpet pad could be favorable to someone with allergies. A rug pad with mildew and mold protection works best in a damp place. And, for the environmentally conscious buyer, some rug pads are made of plant-based oils and substances.

Soundproof Carpet Pad Prices

The price of a rug pad depends on the size and material that’s it’s made of. Thin, non-slip rug pads fall at the bottom end of the price scale. These can have a price range of as little as $5 for a small rug pad (2 x 4 feet, for example) and $50+ for a bigger rug pad (such as 12 x 18 feet).

Rug pads that are designed to absorb made of a material like felt and cost more. Prices can range from $15 to $100 for a thinner option and a bit more for an extra-cushiony option with a slip-resistant lining — likely somewhere in the range of $25 and $185.


  • Have a strong pair of scissors that you can use if so you can trim your rug pad before placing it under your rug.
  • Before trimming your rug pad, measure it and mark it with a pen so you don’t cut off too little or too much material.
  • Planning to use your newly purchased rug pad in an area that is prone to moisture, pick one that’s made of materials that withstand mold and mildew.
  • Thin, non-slip rug pads with grid-like designs do a great job keeping rugs in place on floors that have smooth, shiny finishes, such as laminated floors, hardwood, and various types of ceramic tiles.
  • If you have an area rug that is larger than the measurements of a rug pad you are thinking of, you could solve the problem by investing more than one rug pad and trimming it down for a perfect fit.

Other Products We Considered

When you are shopping for a rug pad, you will find there are hundreds of options available when it comes to size and thickness. In addition to our best picks that are made of quality materials and designed for various purposes and types of flooring, there are other rug pads available that might fit your needs.

Not only do Ninja Gripper Rug Pads keep rugs securely in one place while safeguarding the flooring, but they are also lightweight, modern, and easy to clean. These rug pads feature a non-slip bottom with an open grid design and sell in various sizes. Even if there is no exact size available that you need, the material is easy to trim for a customized fit. 


Q. What Is the Best Soundproof Carpet Pad If Sound Insulation Is My Main Concern?

A. Rug pads block or dampen noise levels by absorbing the impact of footsteps and other sounds. Felt is an excellent material for this purpose, as it has soft, closely knitted fibers that reduce shock. Felt rug pads come in various densities, so if you find a felt product you like, you may be able to choose the depth that would work best for the desired space.

Q. How Can I Keep My Carpet Pad Clean?

A. First, follow the instructions that came with the rug pad. Some models, especially the lightweight, non-slip varieties that are made of polymer materials, can be hand washed or in a washing machine. Large, dense rug pads can be vacuumed but shouldn’t produce strong suction that could damage it. When it comes to accidental spills and stains, rug pads can be easily wiped with a wet cloth and patted dry with a towel.

Q. Can I Use a Rug Pad Under a Rug That Is near a Door?

A. The short answer is of course, but you will need to measure the clearance below the door to be sure there is enough room for both. If not, the rug and pad would likely bunch up every time the door moves. In such case, a thinner rug pad would be a better option.


It’s easy to understand why rug pads are so popular in many homes today. The best soundproof carpet pad adds warmth to homes, as well as being more effortless to maintain and longer lasting.

One drawback to always keep in mind is they tend to perform much worse acoustically. An untreated hardwood floor can produce unflattering levels of echo as well as poor sound quality. If you’re considering rug pads for your renovation, you can look at our recommendations of these several products and techniques that can reduce the noise problems before they start and we hope you enjoyed reading our article.

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