Best Soundproofing Curtains

Sound is a constant in everyday life so no matter where you go or where you stay, there is always sound. Some sound may be welcome, but more often than not there is always some kind of unwelcome and disturbing noise in your dwelling. The good news is there are various ways to soundproof your space with the best soundproofing curtains which can drastically minimize all sorts of unwanted noises and sounds.

The first thing you need to do is to ensure the area you wish to soundproof is not empty. Sound travels through vibrations, and an empty room generally means that sound is going to vibrate on every empty space (and eventually in to your ear.). Fill your space with lots of furnishings, and welcome soft materials that will absorb the vibrations. Accent Pillows, blankets, even bean bag chairs and stuffed animals are all excellent options for absorbing vibrations. You can never have too much of these as long as you don’t feel cluttered. Each item decreases more and more of unwanted noises bouncing from object to object. Carpets can also a great noise reducer, especially in situations where you live above someone else. Larger and thicker carpets are usually the best choice, but these can often be more expensive. If you don’t mind the idea of it, try finding one in a second-hand store. Your walls are the next subject of attention. Bookshelves or cabinets with books or knick knacks, posters, and even fabric art are great ways of minimizing the amount of vibrations bouncing to and fro. Keep in mind to put these items firmly in place, as loose objects on a wall can cause more noise.

Last but not least, you should always remember to seal as many edges to your living space as you can. If the noise you want to stop is coming from a window, draft door blockers on the edges of your windows, combined with thick curtains can decrease vibrations from even entering. The same draft door blockers are ideal for their original purpose as well, under your door and blocking out excess noise. If cancelling the noise does not work for you, finding an alternative, more welcomed noise can be another option. It is a good idea to keep anything that can create white noise in mind, as this is a consistent frequency and vibration that can absorb and cancel out other unwanted noises. With all these options in mind, I truly believe anyone can soundproof their home with the right combination. If all else fails, however, there is the foolproof option of noise cancelling headphones. These are guaranteed to work, as long as you don’t mind them over your ears on a consistent basis.

Top 10 Choices for the Best Soundproofing Curtains

With all that being said, in this article we have selected our top ten choices for the best soundproofing curtains for your windows:

1. Beautyrest 11239042X095IV Chenille Curtain Panel

Beautyrest 11239042X095IV Chenille Curtain Panel

Room Darkening curtains are very popular because they are designed to block harsh sunlight rays, while still offering beautiful ambient lighting in a room. Room darkening curtains also offers significant privacy and some thermal benefits for added functionality. Room Darkening curtains typically block between 93% and 97.9% of light.

This means the room will be significantly darker, but keep in mind that light will still glow behind the curtains. The sleek foam-back construction utilizes multiple passes of soft, white foam that increases the curtain’s insulation properties, helps minimize noise, and helps block harsh light. The specialized method of foam application enables the foam to bind seamlessly to the elegant fabrics creating a fashionable panel enhanced with function.

You can bring elegant tranquility into your home with the Beautyrest Chenille Room Darkening Window Curtain Drapery. These gorgeous curtains combine versatile fabrications and room darkening technology to create the perfect sleeping environment. Draperies feature soft, woven textured chenille fabric and you can hang two or more room-darkening curtains with coordinating decorative valances.

Panel and valance are sold separately. Panels provide rod pocket and back tab hanging options. 3 inch rod pocket and back tabs are recommended with up to a 1.5 inch rod for optimum movement. This product is available in 63, 84, 95 or 108 inches long by 42 inches wide. The decorative rod is also sold separately. It is easy care, machine washable and 100% polyester.


  • Provide significant privacy.
  • Easy to install.
  • Quality material.


  • May have a slight chemical smell.

2. NICETOWN Thermal Insulated Window Curtains

NICETOWN Thermal Insulated Window Curtains

The heavy microfiber blackout curtains are interwoven by advanced triple weave technology. Grey color can offer you the perfect shading performance about 90% Blackout. It can be difficult to take a rest during the day when the sun is streaming brightly through a bedroom window. NICETOWN blackout curtains solve this problem effortlessly since they encourage the best possible sleep and provide the most comfortable setting for day sleepers and those who have trouble falling asleep.

The set includes 2 BLACKOUT PANELS of 42" wide x 84" length with 6 grommets top each. It is a quality fabric without liner but still feels soft and heavy.

These curtains impede 85%-99% light and UV ray (Dark color curtains work well). It is noise reducing, and provides users with a better TV viewing thanks to the innovative triple weave technology.

The triple weave blackout fabric balances room temperature by insulating against summer heat and winter chill. You can protect your furniture, floors and artwork from the ravages of the sun, the drapes will pay for themselves off over time.

This product is thread trimmed and wrinkle free, ring (1.6 inch inner diameter) and fits easily with standard curtain rods. It also includes all sets for you to put them up right away.

NICETOWN blackout curtains are really made to last. It is machine washable in cold water, and you can tumble dry it. You can give it a quick ironing or steam clean when required.


  • Excellent for reducing noise and light.
  • Easy to install.
  • Machine washable.


  • May not completely block out light.

3. CELINE LINEN Triple Layer - Solid Blackout Grommet Panel

CELINE LINEN Triple Layer - Solid Blackout Grommet Panel

Experience the darkness, silence and the beauty of Celine Linen curtains. Celine Linen blackout panels have been laboratory-tested to block out over 99% of intrusive light, unwanted noise and can assist you in saving on home heating and cooling costs.

Celine Linen curtains provide a unique blend of fashion and function for any home decor. Transform your media room into the perfect home theater experience, or create ambiance in your dining area. National Sleep Foundation studies show that minimized light and noise are optimal for a better night's sleep. Celine Linen Curtains are ideal for the bedroom, kid's room or nursery, providing the best sleep environment for the whole family.

The magic is actually in the Therma back construction. The innovative foam-backing is applied to the fabric and enables you to enjoy all of the light-blocking, noise reducing and energy saving benefits, while providing the same fashionable style and elegance of naturally flowing curtains. Hang two or more curtain panels on a standard or decorative rod for optimal coverage and the desired effect. It is sold as a 2-Piece Set grommet panel measuring 54" wide of 84" lengths. This product is also made of 100% Polyester. Machine wash gentle cycle, tumble dry, and do not bleach.

Easy-to-install design features both loop and a grommet style panel. These blackout curtains can block up to 99% of light for a sound sleep. These curtains will also help those day sleepers to get the relaxation that they need in the darkness that they require. Instead, if you are planning to utilize them in your living room, they will guarantee that no light comes in to ruin your home theatre movie night.

Celine Linen blackout curtains are also able to filter approximately 60% of the outside noise from entering in the room. Day sleepers need to get as much rest as possible, and it can be extremely frustrating to hear outside noise during the day.

Celine Linen Blackout Curtains help to keep the heat in the room during the winter, and they can reflect heat out of the room during the summer. Both of these will make sure that you are not wasting extra money on heating or cooling that does not need to be spent. You could notice a reduction in your electricity bill of up to 25%.

We think you're going to be in love with this Blackout Energy Efficient Window Curtain as much as we are! But in case you aren’t, you are covered by their 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.


  • Effective in light and noise blocking.
  • Quality material.


  • Not washable.

4. Thermalogic 70472-150 Thermal Blackout Window Curtain

Thermalogic 70472-150 Thermal Blackout Window Curtain

Do you still feel absolutely tired in the morning, even though you’ve got a solid 8 hours? Maybe that’s because you are having trouble falling asleep due to outside noise. Are heating/Cooling bills emptying your pockets? Well that’s where Thermalogic Ultimate Blackout Window Curtain Liner comes in.

The triple layers create a light, noise and insulating barrier. A layer of dense weave, integrated with a traditional weave layer and a non-toxic Acrylic coating creates a barrier that blocks 100% of light, creates an insulating barrier which blocks out external noise, and will also prevent drafts, creating an insulating barrier against heat loss during winter, or cooling loss during summer.

Attaches with 5 possible connections for effortless installation with any pre-existing curtain rod and will fit and look flawless when attached behind any previously purchased window curtain. This blackout curtain liner stops 100% light for a true Hotel Quality blackout window curtain liner.

The Ultimate Blackout Curtain liner minimizes drafts, insulates your windows keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter by creating an energy-saving insulating barrier against heat and cold.

The Ultimate Thermal Insulating curtain liner installs effortlessly to create a hotel quality light blocking sleeping experience. Curtain liner comes ready to use out of the package with 8 Grommets at top allowing for quick, easy installation on any curtain rod, up to 1. 5” in diameter, and protects furniture from harmful UV rays. It has easy maintenance, just wipe clean, or machine washable.


  • Easy installation.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Machine washable.


  • May emit a chemical odor.

5. AmazonBasics Room Blackout Window Panel Curtains

AmazonBasics Room Blackout Window Panel Curtains

You can instantly block out sunlight and harmful UV rays with this AmazonBasics blackout curtain. The room-darkening curtain helps keep a bedroom exceptionally dark—ideal   for afternoon naps or morning sleep-ins. In addition to promoting better sleeping conditions, the curtain ensures complete privacy and helps decrease outside noise for a quieter indoor environment.

The curtain can also be utilized in a dining room for creating dramatic ambiance or in a media room or office to minimize glare on TV or computer screens. Furthermore, it helps protect carpet and upholstery from color fading caused by the sun. You can enjoy darkness whenever you want with the AmazonBasics blackout curtain.

The blackout curtain features two panels manufactured of innovative triple-weave 240 GSM polyester fabrics, which not only effectively blocks out light, but also functions as an energy-saving barrier, insulating against heat and cold to help keep rooms cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Unlike stiff-liner or foam-backed alternatives, the 100% fabric curtain blocks out light, heat, and cold while still being soft and light, elegantly framing windows with a sophisticated drape and providing long-lasting, high-quality performance. The curtain can go in the washing machine for a convenient, hassle-free home care when needed.


  • Effectively blocks out light.
  • Machine washable.
  • Effectively reduces noise.


  • Just be careful when washing and drying.

6. Miuco Thermal Insulated Grommet Window Blackout Curtains

Miuco Thermal Insulated Grommet Window Blackout Curtains

Miuco Blackout Curtains for Bedroom has invented a simple elegant solution: non-toxic thermal insulated blackout curtains - the most natural and effortless way to transform your bright and noisy bedroom into a sleep paradise.

Miuco window blackout curtains have a very soft hand feel and drapery, high quality material, and are durable 10+ years. Innovative triple-weave construction insulates your sunny or frozen window, while giving your air conditioner and energy bill a break. Your family and friends can enjoy movie nights or sports game without stressing about outside light and noise.

Densely woven fabric acts as an additional sound barrier and it minimizes outside noises and creates a quiet and peaceful environment. With Miuco creative designed weighted hem in the both bottoms, make the curtains hangs much more straight and well. The 2 Matching Tie Backs included, valued at $9.99, now included as a free gift. Machine wash cold, gentle cycle, do not bleach, tumble dry low, and wrinkles will disappear after hanging for a few weeks, or warm iron. Darker colors have a much better blackout effect (blackout effect from 90% to 98%).Due to differences in computer monitors, the colors may have a slight difference between the actual product and what you see from your screen.

This product includes 2 panels, each 52 inch wide by 63 inch long. 8 metal grommets per panel with 1.6 inch inner diameter. The back of curtain is made of the same material as in front that looks more elegant. The bottom hem is of 3" wide and side hem 1" compared to ordinary 3/4" and 3/8" which makes Miuco curtains have a more luxury look and feel. With Miuco creative designed weights inside the both bottom hems, helps it hang better.

Innovative triple-weave construction helps to block up to 98% sunlight and 100% UV (darker colors have a better effect), ideal for napping children, day sleepers, and shift workers.

Miuco's window blackout curtains are able to filter approximately 60% of the outside noise from entering the room and create a private peaceful sleep environment.

This product help to keep the heat in the room during the winter, and they will reflect heat out of the room during the summer. These will ensure that you are not wasting any additional money on heating or cooling that does not need to be spent. You could notice a reduction in your electricity bill of up to 30%.


  • Creates peaceful sleeping environment.
  • Highly durable.
  • Comes in a variety of colors.


  • May come with wrinkles.

7. ABSOLUTE ZERO Blackout Curtains

ABSOLUTE ZERO Blackout Curtains

The innovative foam-back construction utilizes multiple passes of soft, white foam that increases the curtain’s insulation properties, helps dampen noise, and offers a significant barrier to sunlight. The specialized method of foam application enables the foam to bind completely to the face fabric creating a single, enhanced panel. Sometimes confused with Blackout curtains, Eclipse Absolute Zero curtains block 100% of outside light.

Due to the strength of the sun’s rays, many curtains provide a light blocking percentage just below 100%. With Absolute Zero curtains, you will create a pitch black room. The heavyweight materials utilized to construct this light blocking level also offer maximum privacy, maximum noise reduction, and maximum energy savings.

Who says you can’t watch movies during the day, now you can transform any room in your home into the ideal home theater with Absolute Zero Home Theater Curtains. The patented Thermaback technology is designed to block out 100-percent of unwanted light while supplying all of the luxury and style of naturally flowing draperies.

Watch your favorite movies, any time of the day, in the comfort of your own home without any unwanted outside light and noise. From traditional to contemporary, these home theater curtains provide versatility in color, design and style to accent any home decor. You can customize your home by hanging multiple panels on a decorative curtain rod.

Absolute Zero curtains’ light blocking, noise reducing, energy saving benefits make them ideal for any room in the home. These curtains are offered in extended lengths including 63-inch, 84-inch, and 95-inch and you can create your look from an array of fashion colors. It is easy care, machine wash, tumble dry low, do not bleach and the curtain rod is sold separately.


  • Easy maintenance.
  • Easy installation.
  • Material is extremely thick.


  • May not entirely block out noise or light for some users.

8. HCILY Blackout Velvet Curtains Navy Thermal Insulated

HCILY Blackout Velvet Curtains Navy Thermal Insulated

The velvet Curtains are designs in such a way that it makes them suitable for different of surroundings. This is a perfect choice for window treatment and home decoration. The modern and simple style of HCILY blackout velvet curtains makes them applicable to the decoration of sitting room, bedroom, dining room, study, kitchen, hall, villa and parlor.

Appropriate for every environment that needs a darkening effect with an elegant look. The heavy microfiber velvet blackout curtains are interwoven by top fabric layer and back fabric layer with advanced weave technology and it also helps in absorbing 85-99% of the light and UV-rays passing through.

Protect your privacy and minimize light from coming into your windows. They will pay for themselves off over time since they are energy saving through balancing room temperature by helping to prohibit summer heat and winter chill from invading through your window. They can also help protect your floors, furniture, and artwork from the ravages of the sun.

Each velvet curtain is 52 Inch wide and 84 Inch long, and comes with 8 silver steel grommets that have a large diameter of 1.6inches which lets them effortlessly fit and slide into most of the rods. More importantly, each grommet is 100 percent rust free.

HCILY BLACKOUT Velvet curtains includes 2 panels of 52" wide x 84" length with 8 grommets top each. It has a quality fabric without liner feels soft and heavy.

HCILY blackout velvet curtain utilizes ultraviolet semi fiber technology and it impedes 85%-99% light and UV ray (Dark color curtains work well). It is noise reducing and offers better TV viewing.

This is a high quality material as well as flat and smooth. Well thread trimmed, crease free with an uncomplicated installation. Has an elegant and classic style which fits any types of decoration. Ring (1.6 inch inner diameter) fits effortlessly with standard curtain rods. All sets for you to put them up straight away. This triple weave blackout fabric balances room temperature by insulating against summer heat and winter chill.

Safeguard your floors, furniture and artwork from the ravages of the sun, the drapes will pay for themselves off over time. HCILY window velvet curtains are designed to last. It is machine washable in cold water, tumble dry. Quick ironing or steam clean when required.


  • Grommets are rust-free.
  • Easy installation.
  • High quality material.


  • May not completely block out light.

9. Deconovo Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains

Deconovo Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains

Deconovo blackout thermal insulated curtains have one silver coated side which allows it to have a better shading performance than normal blackout curtains. Deconovo energy saving curtains can also keep light out and cool homes during hot summers, keep heat in and cold out during cold winters, which will make your home much more comfortable to stay in.

Special attention is given to stitching making sure there are no loose threads and uneven hems/edges. It is available in six different size options (52x45 inch, 52x54 inch, 52x63 inch, 52x72 inch, 52x84 inch, 52x95 inch, ), these amazing curtains are sold in 2 panels per package and 2 matching tie backs included.

These light blocking curtains have one blackout side and a silver coated side to reflect sunlight, which typically make them a unique multifunction curtain with blackout and insulating properties. Unlike stiff-liner or foam-backed alternatives, the 100% fabric curtain blocks out light, heat, and cold while still being soft and light and providing long-lasting, high-quality performance.

These room darkening curtains obstruct the sunlight from getting into any room at any time, ideal for those easily distracted by light. Deconovo light blocking curtains offer maximum privacy as they are not see-through once fully closed.

Our thermal insulated curtains are energy saving panels that reflect heat from outside in summer and minimizes the amount of heat loss during winter, thus helps in saving on air conditioning. These are noise reducing drapes, and will make your home tranquil in noisy neighborhoods.

Deconovo blackout curtains are designed from 100 percent high quality imported polyester fabric, with a silver coated side; they are both decorative and functional. Our blackout curtain panels each have 8 anti rust silver grommets which are convenient for installation.  

The room darkening insulated curtains is drapery, soft to the touch and also available in a variety of colors and sizes to fit your needs.  You can hand wash these curtains for convenience at 86°F, on gentle cycle. Do not bleach, do not tumble dry, and it should be ironed at low temperature settings.


  • Heavy weight and soft material.
  • Very affordable.
  • Quick and easy installation.


  • Shades may vary from pictures.

10. HLC.ME Lattice Print Decorative Blackout Thermal Insulated Curtain

HLC.ME Lattice Print Decorative Blackout Thermal Insulated Curtain

These lattice print window panels have a rich, quality feel, are designed of a thick and sturdy construction, and boast a gorgeous tone-on-tone design. These blackout curtains would be a great addition for your bedroom, living room, or your kid’s room. Each panel consists of eight (8) silver grommets. Each package consists of two (2) blackout curtains panels.

Room Darkening curtains are designed as a triple weave innovation, which is a denser and tightly sewn fabric to help insulate against light.

HLC.ME Blackout Curtains are excellent for energy efficiency. These curtains are insulated to block the heat or cold from entering your home which enables you to decrease your heat and cooling systems, saving up to 30% off your energy bill. This is a great way to save money with a one-time purchase of these blackout curtains.

No one wants to have their conversation heard from outside their home so you can utilize these blackout curtains in your living room when the guests come over for greetings. It can get very loud and you surely do not want pedestrians hearing in on your conversations. It is machine washable, delicate cycle with mild detergent. Do not bleach; tumble dry on low and cool iron if needed.


  • Very affordable.
  • Effective at keeping out sunlight.
  • Heavy, durable material.


  • May come creased and wrinkled.

Buyers Guide

If you purchase a good quality acoustic curtain and do everything you can to install it in a way which covers your window as effectively as possible then they can make a difference, particularly with airborne background noises.

How to Choose Your Acoustic Curtain

The best soundproof curtains can be a cheap, quick as well as effective soundproofing solution.

By simply switching your existing curtains to curtains designed to dampen sound you can save a considerable amount of time and money.

An effective pair of soundproofing curtains will be extra thick and well insulated to minimize sound transfer into your room.

However before you get too overly excited with dreams of turning your noisy city centre apartment into a soundproof box simply by hanging some fabric over your windows it is crucial to be honest about the impact that curtains can have on reducing sound.

Strictly speaking ‘soundproof curtains’ don’t exist, however acoustic curtains, designed to absorb sound and improve and enhance the acoustics of a room, do exist.

The purpose of acoustic curtains is to decrease echo rather than to stop sound coming into a room.

Are Curtains Really Good for Soundproofing?

When it comes to minimizing noise in your home, nothing works like soundproof curtains. They won’t entirely cancel out all outside noise from entering your home as you would require something more than a soundproof curtain to do the job.

Soundproof curtains typically work to a certain level. They decrease the level of noise both inside and outside of your home. Thanks to the thick and sturdy design of these curtains and the multiple layers of their material.

Sound absorbing materials utilized for soundproof curtains have a soft, porous and fluffy surface that allows them to absorb the energy of the sound wave. However, these materials aren’t dense enough to block out outside noise entirely. But still, the amount of noise that you actually hear within your room will be dramatically reduced, especially for echoing noise such as dogs barking, traffic noise and construction work.

If you are searching for complete noise cancellation, then the best method would be to combine the soundproof curtains with a soundproof window. Pairing these two together would provide you with the best results possible.

Top Tip

You can also pair your curtains with a soundproof blind for the best results.

The best soundproofing curtains are generally very good at deflecting sound; if you have an echoey room and you want to reduce the echo then making use of insulated curtains is a great way to achieve that.

If you purchase a good quality acoustic curtain and do everything you can to install it in a way which covers your window as effectively as possible then they can make a difference, particularly with airborne background noises.

..But Do Sound Deadening Curtains Work?

Yes, they do work!

A well-insulated curtain can minimize sound coming through your window by a few decibels.

Curtains alone are never going to entirely soundproof a window because they are not sealed and air can pass through and around them with ease but they can make a difference.

If you live above a nightclub or next to a live music venue then soundproof curtains are unfortunately unlikely to make a noticeable difference, therefore you could instead consider installing soundproof glass or soundproofing your window.

If you are still searching for a curtain which will help make those background noises in your home fade away a bit then have a look through some of our reviews of the best ones.

How to Choose Your Acoustic Curtain

Many of the best soundproof curtains are sold on their potential to block light and trap heat in your room.

You will not find many curtains being sold as ‘soundproofing curtains’ but there are tons that are listed as ‘insulated curtains’ or ‘blackout curtains’.

Fortunately, curtains that are great at blocking sound, light and heat all share the same properties.

They are thick and very dense, they are oversized so that the window is amply covered and so that the curtain has pleats (which help deaden sound) and they are generally manufactured from a material like velvet which helps block sound, light and heat.

Curtain Weight

Density blocks sound, unsurprisingly dense materials will also weigh a lot!

Heavy curtains will block sound far much more effectively than lighter curtains. This is because they are far denser and are designed from much more material meaning they have far more fibers to absorb and reflect sound.

Heavy curtains are typically sold as insulated curtains which is why they are much thicker. Insulated curtains are generally good at reducing low-frequency sounds such as the sound of passing traffic.

The weight of a curtain is mainly dependant on its size, however for a standard sized curtain; a sufficient weight to block sound would be above 0.9kg / 2lb.

When installing a heavy curtain you will need to ensure that you have a strong curtain rail which is secured extremely well to the wall.

Curtain Materials

A truly soundproof curtain is something that doesn’t really exist, however, sound dampening or sound absorbing curtains do actually exist.

While they won’t block out sound entirely they will minimize reverberation and help reduce sound transfer.

Curtains which are best at doing this are designed from materials which trap small pockets of air inside them.

The perfect materials for soundproof / sound- damping / sound-absorbing (or whatever you wish to call them!) curtains are:

  • Velvet: Velvet is put together in what is known as a pile weave structure and this structure contains small loops which are all weaved together in one direction in loops. This means that velvet traps air (helping it better absorb and also block sound) and it also makes it feel very smooth.
  • Kilo Serge: Kilo Serge is what the giant curtains you get on theatre stages utilizes, it is also commonly used in recording studios. Kilo Serge is manufactured from densely packed wool which traps air making it great at absorbing sound. It usually only comes in black so is typically used as a curtain lining for a more attractive looking curtain in domestic properties.

Curtain Size

  • Curtain size is essential for dampening sound.
  • Bigger is always better when it comes to curtains.

Curtain Length

As a rough guide, you should aim to get curtains which are up to 30cm (10 inches) longer than your window.

This will allow them to drape on the floor which will help to prevent sound from travelling through the air underneath your curtain.

If possible you should get curtains which are long enough to hang from the ceiling down to the floor, this will trap more sound.

Curtain Width

Your curtains should always be wide, very wide!

The suggested width for a curtain is at least three times the width of your window.

This seems extreme however the width will enable your curtains to have lots of pleats in the curtains which will help to trap and absorb sound waves.


The colors aren’t very crucial in terms of the quality of the curtains; however, some people have their preferences when it comes to selecting a color because they want their curtains to blend into their existing styles. So if you prefer to have a huge selection of colors to choose from its best if you find brands that provide many different color options.


Almost everyone is on a budget and this is an essential factor when it comes to soundproofing. Some of the best products can be highly expensive but that does not mean the ones with a lower price have no value. So when looking for a soundproof curtain just keep an eye out for the one that is essentially right for you.

Curtains Rods

As we have mentioned earlier, soundproof curtains are fairly heavy. You may be able to utilize an existing curtain rod but first, you have to check how strong they are. If you are not really sure of how strong they are then its best if you just get a new curtains rod and for this, I suggest a wrap around rods (link to Amazon). These curtain rods can attach into the wall at a curve. This is a great choice for soundproof curtains as it will eliminate any gap at the edges of the curtain, which results in better sound isolation.

Another superb way to get the best out of soundproof curtains is to utilize a ceiling mount brackets instead of the regular wall brackets. This takes the curtain closer to the ceiling, thus eliminating more sounds.

Finally, you can select a double rod. These rods will basically enable you to hang two sets of curtains and work them independently of each other, which will in turn increase noise reduction while reducing the amount of light that enters your room.

Ease of Installation

You should always select a soundproof curtain that’s big and heavy and also easy to install, slide and uninstall. Installing soundproof curtains can be complicated, especially if you have no one around you to assist you.

Ease of Maintenance and Care

The level of maintenance and care actually matters if you are already facing a lot of problem with the annoying outside noise, so you likely don’t want to add dirt. So always ensure the curtains you are planning to purchase is machine washable, this will make things much easier for you. Also the easier it is to care of the longer it will last and probably function as required.


While this is not as essential as the other features, a strong grommet is perfect so when you hang your curtains they stay in place and cannot be easily accidentally tear down.

Here are three tips for getting the best sound reduction from your curtains:

  • Purchase FOUR panels for each window instead of just two! To be effective, the more DENSITY you can place between the room and the window, the better.
  • Purchase the 96″ curtains and NOT the 84″ long curtains! This means that your curtain will go floor to ceiling if you have traditional 8′ ceilings (and will look much nicer).
  • Purchase ceiling mount curtain brackets instead of the regular wall brackets. This takes the curtain closer to the ceiling and therefore blocks more sound.

Are They Worth It?

I do not say that these soundproofing curtains would be enough to have peace of mind if you are living in an intensely circulating area, but with double-glazed windows, with a carpeted floor and a sound-absorbing curtains you will surely be asleep quieter, you will be able to work and learn more, you will enjoy the quiet of the weekend mornings, and you will hear the outside music or the neighbor’s drill a lot less.

So if you want some simple decorative curtains, you can take them anywhere but if you require a beautiful and quiet atmosphere, you can definitely go with the soundproofing curtains.

Final Recommendation

Our favorite from these ten selections was the HLC.ME Lattice Print Decorative Blackout Thermal Insulated Privacy Room Darkening Grommet Window Drapes Curtain Panels for Bedroom - Platinum White & Grey - 52" W x 63" L – Pair. If you're searching for blackout curtains with a bit more drama and design, these have a unique printed tone and block out light similarly to other options with their triple weave innovation, which is a denser and tightly sewn fabric to help insulate against light. These are also are designed of a thick and sturdy construction and very affordable.


Sound pollution affects just like air or water pollution. First, the noise is highly irritating. Secondly, it interferes with communication, decreases labor productivity and makes it tiring until health problems appear.

Usually, in rooms (whether for work or communication, or recreation) noise-absorbing surfaces are utilized to eliminate noise. Minimizing the reflection of sounds creates a relative silence. However, “solid” standard materials utilized in interior design (such as glass and concrete) cannot handle this function.

We can isolate ourselves from the noisy street with heavy and bulky velvet curtains, but the lights will also disappear with sounds.

Utilizing a lightweight fabric, transparent from the point of view of acoustic comfort, is completely useless or at least it has been so far.

The best soundproof curtains may not be as effective as soundproof windows or other professional methods, but they are a great way to make a nice improvement in your sound reduction for an affordable cost.

Each soundproof curtain made this list for a reason and that’s because they all have the ability to soundproof your home. We wish you all the best with your soundproofing journey.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read our article.

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