Choosing the Best Curtains for Noise Reduction

If you are living in the city, you are in a perpetual battle with the noise. Constant traffic, screeching car horns, yelling neighbors, boisterous kids and the constant buzzing of some machine or gadget – these are the usual for any city dweller.

They ruin your mood, disturb your precious sleep and impact your productivity and energy levels. This is where soundproof curtains come to your rescue. Read on to find out about the use and benefits of this miracle product along with the best curtains for noise reduction.

What Exactly Is a Soundproof Curtain?

For those of you who don’t know about soundproof curtains, it’s very easy to confuse them with normal household curtains, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Soundproof curtains are not only thicker and heavier than ordinary curtains; they are also designed in such a manner that allows them to significantly reduce the amount of noise in a room.

For this, the manufacturers incorporated several dense layers of premium fabrics to facilitate a high degree of sound absorption. A few popular luxury fabrics used are polyester, velvet and satin. These sound absorbing curtains come in a wide variety of colors, designs and textures that complements your home interiors.

Sound proof curtains can be used anywhere in the house, be it your bedroom, living room, nursery or kid’s room. Whether you live in the city or suburbs, they are the perfect choice for deadening out noise and ensuring a calm and quiet home atmosphere, no matter what’s happening outdoors.

Moreover, most companies give you the opportunity to customize your soundproof curtains to match your requirements.

How Do Soundproof Curtains Work?

If you are as skeptical and picky, you must be wondering by now – do soundproof curtains really work or are they just for show? Let me tell you that is a very valid question but there’s no direct answer. This is because it mostly depends on the kind and loudness of the noise you are dealing.

The truth is, even after being thicker and denser than ordinary curtains, soundproof curtains are not enough to block out all kind of noises.

Having said that, what they can do is absorb all echoes in the room and reduce the decibel level of sounds from outside.

The porous, fluffy sound-absorbing materials in these curtains absorb the energy of the sound wave, but aren’t dense enough to completely cancel out the sound. Yet, they effectively make the room much quieter and serene than before, with no harsh echoes and minimal sound level.

Points to Remember While Choosing Right Curtains for Nose Reduction

Correct Size

Before rushing to the store, make sure that you have got the length and location of your curtains right. To do this, first decide where you want the curtains to be hung. Next, take a measuring tape and measure the length, breadth and height of the area selected.

While buying sound proof curtains, bear in mind that they are to be a few inches wider and longer than the length of the window or door. The larger they are, the more effectively they can curb the noise.

The Right Materials

Though different sound proof curtains are made of different materials, always look out for ones with extra fibers in the material. The commonly used fabrics are polyester, suede, velvet, and in some cases, cotton duck fabric. All of them are excellent sound absorbers, although the final choice depends on your preference.

Density, Thickness and Weight

The higher these three factors, the better the sound proofing you can get. Go for thicker and heavier curtains, which absorb and dampen noise considerably, even better than lighter and thinner ones.

Curtain Rod Strength

If you think your current curtain rods aren’t strong enough, it is wise to install a new rod, preferably wrap-around rods or ceiling mount-brackets to be on the safer side.

Make sure your curtain rods are installed as close to the window as possible to facilitate maximum sound absorption.

The 5 Best Curtains for Noise Reduction You Can Buy

Nicetown Thermal Insulated Curtains

With a range of premium home décor products to offer, Nicetown’s thermal insulation curtains are famous.

These polyester curtains come in 2 panel packages and several sizes.

One of the most important features of this curtain which makes it earn the top spot in our list is the black lining that is ideal for insulation. This keeps the heat out during summers and winters, thereby setting a perfect indoor temperature.

There are a number of color choices available, from beige to burgundy to navy, with the black outer lining facing the window. If this is a problem for you in terms of appearance, maybe you should skip to the next review.

We must add that you should not forget that the black lining doubles the thickness of curtains, which ultimately ensures a better noise reduction.

H.Versailtex Linen Curtains

These curtains offer excellent noise reduction as well as thermal insulation. Essentially made of polyester, they have a linen-like feel of thread and weave texture.

Like Nicetown curtains, they come in 2 panel packages with limited sizing of 52 inches wide and 18, 84, 96 and 108-inch lengths. Since the width is same for all the panels, you get eight 1.6 inch copper grommets for each.

With nineteen neutral solid colors, ranging from white, tan, beige, brown, blue or gray, you can pick the shade of your choice that blends in seamlessly with your décor.

Again, owing to their thickness, these soundproof curtains do a great job in thermal insulation and UV ray protection.

Miuco Room Darkening Curtains

This product provides effective noise reduction and thermal insulation. It also comes in a pack of two 52-inch wide panels, available in three lengths, but the only difference is the range of colors it’s available in.

With over 18 colors to choose from, it is a delight for any homeowner or interior designer. Six of the shades are in white and black spectrum, while the other six being in greens, yellows and blues. The last six are in orange, red, purple and similar colors.

A good thing about these sound absorbing curtains is that unlike previous products the back of the curtain of this product matches the front layer, which is ideal for your home decor.

But this isn’t all!

These curtains come with ties to hold them elegantly to the side of the window when they aren’t needed. They also have a sown weight into the 3 inch-bottom hem, helping them fall better, while adding a smooth, stylish touch.

Deconovo Blackout Curtains

This great product not only stands out because of its wide range of colors, but also its high quality material and design. Along with vibrant shades of green, blue and pink, the product is also available in more mellow and neutral tones.

Made from pure polyester, these acoustical curtains for reducing noise have the same color and material on both sides, which is a rarity in most cases.

Also, claiming to have a triple-weave construction design, which is pretty standard now, it guarantees a denser fabric, which provides better sound reduction and insulation.

It comes in two different widths of 42 and 52 inch, and three styling methods. Moreover, you are recommended to use the tabs that run along the top behind the curtains to slip them easily onto the rod. This enables you to use the top hem as a rod pocket and or to simply hook them on.

H.Versailtex Patio Curtains

Made in individual panels instead of pairs, these curtains are 100 by 108 inches or 8 feet tall and 9.5 feet wide, standing out from any of the above mentioned products. Hence, any one of those sizes will cover patio doors and whole walls effectively, with no need for double panels.

These panels have sixteen 1.6 inch bronze grommets along the top, which add to the look and style of the curtains.

It is made of smooth polyester microfiber with a high-density silk layer (black) in the middle, which aids in noise reduction and thermal insulation.

Available in eleven color tones, ranging from neutral tones to loud shades, these curtains have the same color shade on both the sides, making it a perfect addition to your interiors.


It’s a no-brainer that these curtains are perfect for soundproofing your interiors without compromising on décor and quality. Though they may not be able to provide you with pin-drop silence, they certainly serve their purpose of deadening out as much noise as possible, without burning a hole in your pocket.

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