Egg Crate Foam Soundproofing

There are so many reasons why you may want to soundproof your home. It could be due to noisy neighbors or you simply wish you improve the sound quality of your living space. Whichever one it is, there are a great array of choices that exist and choosing a particular one can be quite difficult.  This is why we have decided to introduce you to one of the best soundproof solution available and that is egg crate foam soundproofing.

Egg crate foam is a great soundproof product that absorbs sound quickly with its sound-deadening features. It allows you to keep noise out while also reducing the amount of sound that filters out of your room. If you have a recording studio or you wish to enjoy any sound-making gadget in your home, you certainly want to get one of this.

What Is Egg Crate Foam?

Egg crate foams are acoustic foams manufactured in different sizes and designs. They are usually made with different materials that work well at reducing reverberation and controlling vibrations. The foams are usually shaped like panels but have surfaces that are raised and convoluted. These acoustic foams are also quite affordable and you can find them on online stores for cheap soundproofing solutions.

Why You Should Use Egg Crate Foam for Your Soundproofing Solution

With a variety of soundproof products in the market, you would be wondering why you should go for acoustic egg crate foams. Here are some of them:

Effective at Reducing Noise and Improving Sound

The shape of egg crate foam increases the available surface area of the material and allows it to absorb echoes and reverberation. You can use it to reduce airborne waves and leave only pure and quality sound in your room.

Affordable Soundproof Solution

When you need to soundproof your room, office, studio or any other close space at a budget, you can count on using egg crate foam soundproofing. They are affordable without compromising on quality. It’s the perfect product where quality is required and the budget is tight.

Ease of Installation

Egg crate foam is very light and doesn’t need any special equipment to get them where they are needed. You also won’t need to get any extra tools or materials to attach them to your walls. And you can choose to attach them to your ceiling, walls or doors.

Egg Crate Foam Soundproofing Products Recommended for You

After going on and on about the numerous advantage of choosing the egg crate foam for soundproofing your home. We wanted to make sure that you get the best products, and here are some of the ones we found:

1. NEW LEVEL Egg Crate Foam Acoustic Panel

NEW LEVEL Egg Crate Foam Acoustic Panel

This is a 12 pack, convoluted acoustic wall panel that has an ultra-clean look and produces superb sound quality. It is suitable for your home, entertainment theatres, offices, and studios. For professional acoustic control, the panel reduces flutter waves and echo in medium to small-sized rooms.


  • Each pack contains 12 panel.
  • Each pack cover 12 sq ft and is 1 inch thick.
  • Available in a variety of colors.
  • High NRC rating.

2. Professional Acoustic Foam Egg Crate Foam Panel

Professional Acoustic Foam Egg Crate Foam Panel

Professional acoustic foam egg crate is unique not only because it has great soundproofing quality, but also because of its elegant design. It comes in a white color that looks really great with your interior décor. So if you need something that would keep noise out and still give your room a great look, you definitely want to go for this product.


  • High NRC rating.
  • Class A fire retardant.
  • Effective for mid-to-high frequency ranges.
  • Works well for moderate sound deadening.
  • Measures 72”x36”x2.5” in dimension, so it’s better for large walls.​​​​

3. IZO All Supply Egg Crate Acoustic Foam Tiles

IZO All Supply Egg Crate Acoustic Foam Tiles

Improving sound quality isn’t too hard when you use soundproof products. And this product from IZO All supply does the job pretty well. It has a very good density and helps to absorb noise coming from outside while reducing reverberation and echoes to improve the sound quality of your rooms. You should also go for this if you need to soundproof a small area.


  • Sold as a pack of 6 panels.
  • Each panel covers 1sq ft and is 1.5 inches thick.
  • Excellent soundproof quality.
  • Provides noise absorption for a wide range of frequency.
  • NRC rating is 0.55.

What Is the Difference Between Egg Crate Foam Soundproofing and Other Acoustic Panels?

Egg crate foams are part of a larger family of acoustic panels. They are made with a variety of quality materials that makes them absorb sound for effective soundproofing. However, there are also pyramid and wedged-shaped foam panels in this category. Egg crate is unique with the convoluted surface that it offers. There are ridges and valley that resembles that of your everyday egg crate, but much better in terms of acoustic features. Due to the texture and shape, it gives a soothing look while making it easier to cut it and attach it to whatever surface you want to attach it.

There are several articles that suggest using egg crates with the attachment of foams to replicate the effect of acoustic egg crate panel. But this simply wouldn’t work because egg crates don’t have the same quality as those produced mainly for the purpose of soundproofing.


Soundproofing your home allows you to get the best out of the sound coming from inside your home and shut terrible noises coming from outside. And one of the most effective ways to get this result is by using egg crate foam soundproofing. The ingenious technology used in creating the product gives it great quality and it’s affordable too. So look through all the products we have provided and select the one that is a perfect fit for your living space.

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