Everything About Soundproof Curtains

Noise pollution also known as sound pollution is the dissemination of noise with a destructive impact on living beings. The exposure to eminent sound levels may lead to unfavorable effects on humans.  The effects of noise pollution are harmful and they can affect our mental balance.

The emission of outdoor noise comes from the following sources: machines, transport systems and propagation systems. The different sources of noise pollution include:


Big machines are installed in industries that are capable of producing a huge quantity of noise. Generators, compressors, grinding mills, exhaust fans are few of the industrial sources for producing noise.

Social Events

They have become an increasing source of noise pollution. The government has induced laws against this problem and has given out a maximum allowed sound that can be produced otherwise leading to a penalty.


Airplanes flying, underground trains and vehicles on road produce intense noise. Silencers are used in vehicles to curb the problem.

Construction Activities

Construction of dams, stations, roads, buildings, flyovers, bridges and mining activities can lead to noise pollution.

Physiological health can be damaged by unwanted sound pollution. This type of pollution can cause high-stress levels, sleep disturbances, hypertension, hearing loss, tinnitus and many more hazardous ailments. Noise pollution can lead to behavioral and emotional stress. Dilation of pupil, elevated heart-beat and restriction of blood vessels are some of the medical sickness caused due to sound pollution.

Soundproof Curtains

Noise can also affect the animals as it interference between the predator and prey’s communication balance which ultimately leads to the death of these animals. They become inefficient at hunting and this disturbs the ecological balance. Some species depend on sound as mating calls for reproduction. If there occurs a disturbance due to heavy noise pollution in the environment, that particular species become incapable of reproduction. It can also affect the navigation and reproduction of the animals. A rapid increase in heart rate and hearing losses are also common among the animals. High-intensity noise can induce fear in the animals and makes them desert their habitat.

Studies showed that secretion of catecholamine hormone, cardiovascular effects, decrease in cognitive performance and hearing impairments are all as side-effects of noise pollution. We must take preventive measures to curb this problem and prevent further diseases. The following simple methods can be followed to prevent maximum damage from unwanted noise in our day to day lives:

  • Usage of earplugs can be helpful against unwanted sound.
  • Planting of trees is encouraged to curb noise pollution. They have the ability to soak up sound and minimize the noise.
  • Noise absorbents can be used in machinery.
  • Better maintenance and proper lubrication can significantly reduce unwanted noise.
  • Limits of permitted noise level must be followed strictly.
  • Unnecessary appliances that run in the background can be turned off to relieve stress.
  • Soundproof curtains can be used to restrict the sound from outdoors.
  • Residential areas can be chosen far from traffic areas to avoid noise pollution from vehicles.
  • A recommended level of 40dB should be maintained within the household to avoid indoor noise pollution.
  • Drape, rugs and carpets can also block the passage of sound waves and absorb them.

What Are Soundproof Curtains?

Some curtains possess the extraordinary quality of being able to resist the sound waves from entering inside. Such curtains that can absorb the sound waves are known as soundproof curtains. They do not absorb sound waves completely, but can restrict them from entering up to maximum levels. These thick material curtains not only prevent noise from entering but also cancel out the sound due to internal echo within the house. 

Following features determine the absorbing power of the curtain material:

Width of the Material

Heavy materials have more capacity to block sound than the lighter ones. They are sold as insulated curtains due to which they are heavy. The thickness of the curtains restricts the sound from the surroundings to enter. A recommended weight required to bock outdoor sounds is 0.9kg/2lB.

The Material of the Curtains Required

Sound absorbing and sound dampings are the alternatives for a true soundproofing curtain. They help in minimizing and reducing reverberation of sound transfer. Curtains with minute packets of air within them can do the job. The best materials required for sound damping, soundproof and sound absorbing are:


It has a pile weave structure. This type of arrangement consists of small loops that are weaved together in a single direction in the form of loops. In the manner, the velvet material traps pockets of air within it and gives a soft texture.

Kilo Serge

These types of curtains are used in theatre studios. A densely packed material made of wool is used to trap air within it making it highly absorbing.


The size of the curtains also affects its absorbing quality and dampening properties. Usually, curtains of bigger sizes are recommended as soundproofing curtains.

Length of the Curtain

The curtains should be 10 inch longer than the length of window on which they are to be hung. This will allow the curtain to drape through the floor preventing it from the passage of sound from underneath it. The curtains that hang down from touching ceiling to the floor are more effective in blocking sound.

Width of the Curtain

The recommended width of the curtain is at least thrice to that of the window width. The huge width of the curtains allows it to absorb and trap sound waves effectively. The pleat used in the curtains helps in increasing the thickness of the curtains and the wedges placed help in reflecting the sound waves.

Curtain Mounts and Rods

Curtain Mounts and Rods

Curtain rods determine the blocking potential of soundproof curtains. The two tasks to be fulfilled by curtain rods are:

  • To be able to handle the weight of the curtain.
  • Allow the curtains to stick to the walls as close as possible.  This ensures the minimal gap between curtain and wall so the sound waves can’t escape.

Wraparound rails are highly used for curtain rails. The rod must be secured to the wall tightly using wall plugs and deep screws. The best curtains for noise reduction must consist of three major layers:

  • A thick fabric layer that can create a blackout layer.
  • An insulated crammed layer that insulates the curtains from heat and sound loss.
  • A dense cotton layer.

Acoustic treatments are often held to improve the sound-absorbing quality of the materials. A sound transmission class rating (STC) determines the soundproofing capacity of the material. The STC rating usually lies in between 25-33 in number. Markets contain wide varieties of the best curtains for noise reduction in desirable quality and colors.

Finding the best curtains for noise reduction is an easy task. Acousti-Curtains have simplified the task by crafting absolutely best curtains for noise reduction. They come in different sizes, colors, lengths and shapes. They promise to have the following features in their soundproof curtains:

  • High-quality construction.
  • IFR or PFR face layer.
  • Lining fabric.
  • Exceptional sound absorption quality.
  • Custom designed.
  • Wool core: This feature helps in filtering, absorbing and breaking down the complex VOC’s from the atmosphere.
  • Various options for fabric quality.
  • Reflect thermal energy.

The sound-absorbing quality of these curtains is designed to take up more sound compared to the customary decorative curtains. These sound reduction curtains are made from sound absorbing materials and are typically used where ambient light control and management of acoustic reflection from glass is required.


Acousti-Curtains are the best curtains for noise reduction as they possess a core material that contains wool fabric which is fire resistant placed in between a blackout liner and a decorative fabric. These curtains have also shown to filter out harmful VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) present in the atmosphere. When drawn across a doorway or a window these curtains block light as well as reflect thermal energy and prevent them from entering into the house. To match our interior designing, acoustic-curtains have a specialty in custom designing as per the client’s requests.

In a custom based designing of the desired curtains, acoustic-curtains offer numerous option. The very first task is to choose from the fabric material. They offer high-quality fabric that has a long life and doesn’t wear out quickly. The fabric cloth comes in multiple colors and patterns. The dimensions of the curtain size are to be mentioned while ordering, so as to have an accurate size of the curtain required for different window shapes. The hooks of the window also play an important role while searching for soundproof windows.

We must select strong hooks that can hold the weight of the fabric against the windows. Strap color can also be mentioned by the customer and the total sum is informed to the customers to have an estimate on the cost and thus final product is produced. The sale of acoustic-curtains has increased rapidly due to the high preference of these curtains by the customers. They have shown to be durable, strong and provide high resistance towards the noise. Hence, most people recommend these as the best curtains for noise reduction. 

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