Green Glue Review

Have you ever had to deal with unpleasant noise from your neighbors in your apartment? Or maybe you haven't but you're trying to prevent anything of such from having to disturb you? Well, you're not alone.

A lot of people find it uncomfortable living in a noise polluted environment and would do anything to prevent a situation of such.

Well today, we'll be talking about a noise-proofing compound that could help in preventing the noise or reducing it drastically.

You may or may not have heard about Green Glue but either way, I'm going to be informing you about it in this article.

Green Glue is a noise damping product that is used in new construction or renovation projects in the home, the office and even hospitals. It is a product that reduces the structural vibrations using Constrained Mass Layer Damping.

Green Glue is not hazardous and it is an environmentally-responsible and cost-effective soundproofing solution.

Understanding the science behind Green Glue needs a bit of knowledge about sound wave energy and how noise travels. Once you understand how noise travels and sound energy, you would know the principle behind the amazing Green Glue Product.

Soundproofing Essential

Noise is known for travelling through the air like a wave or in the form of vibrations. When these waves in the form of vibrations come in contact with a ceiling, floor or wall, the vibrations will go through the structure and exit from the other side as sound again and if this sound is unpleasant, it can be disturbing. This means that unless the structures in your home are damped, you can be rest assured that you're going to be hearing when your neighbor's door opens, when the kitchen cabinets are opened, the loud TV and the noisy blender.

Nobody wants something like that! So that's why we have Green Glue.

Like a superhero coming to the rescue, Green Glue Noise-proofing Compound possesses a polymeric formula that converts the mechanical energy from sound waves being passed through structures into small amounts of heat. When Green Glue is installed between two rigid layers of material (like drywall), it forms a damping system. In other words, when the sound waves in form of vibrations penetrate through the structure, the mechanical energy goes out in the form of heat.

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Results? Less or no noise. Using just a layer of Green Glue Noise-proofing Compound sandwiched between two sheets of drywall or any other rigid surface (OSB, plywood) used can eliminate a good percent of noise including those frequencies you might think it would be hard to notice! Isn't this what everyone wants?

Where Are Green Glue Products Used?

There are majorly three Green Glue Products out there and they all have areas of best compatibility. Let's look at them briefly and the parts of the home where they are best fit.

Green Glue Noise-Proofing (Damping) Compound

Green Glue Noise-proofing Compound is used between two layers of building materials typically drywall, Oriented Strand Board (OSB), cement board, or plywood. So long as two of the layers are flat, rigid (If Green Glue is being applied between a layer of drywall and soundboard, it is not a good application, and this is because soundboards are lighter than drywall and it is not good to use in ceiling, floor or wall assembly) and are easy to stick to and at least one allows moisture to pass through then the Noise-proofing Compound will perform well.

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The compound comes in bucket and tube sizes and they are liquid in nature.

  • Green Glue Noise-Proofing (Damping) Compound (Bucket): This is for big soundproof projects. Twenty-four Green Glue tubes can as well do the job but for big projects, the bucket is cost-effective for those on a budget. The only downside with the bucket is that you have to keep refilling the applicator gun and this could take time having to do it repeatedly.
  • Green Glue Compound (Tube): This is for smaller projects that have smaller surfaces. Per 4x8 drywall sheet, you will need to make use of at least 2 tubes for best results afterwards.

It is not advisable to apply the Green Glue Noise-proofing Compound on exterior parts of your home as it is effective only at room temperature range (64-85°F / 18-28°C approximately). Exteriors are often subjected to temperature fluctuations which could be below and above this range.

Green Glue Noise-Proofing (Damping) Compound

Note: The Noise-proofing Compound will return to regular performance once it has warmed/cooled to the 64-85°F (18-28°C) range after being subjected to temperature fluctuations outside the acceptable range.

Green Glue Noise-Proofing Sealant

This product of Green Glue Noise-proofing Sealant which is a polymer makes cracks and gaps invisible after the whole installation job is done. It can also be used around wall sockets, outlets and any other material attached to the wall.

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The sealant prevents noise leaks from escaping. It should be applied to the top and bottom of the wall where the wall meets the ceiling and floor respectively and where two walls meet. The sealant also comes with its own applicator gun for its areas of application.

Green Glue Noise-Proofing Sealant

Green Glue Noise-Proofing Joist Tape

This is used mostly for floor soundproofing between floor joists and subflooring. It is made out of foam with an adhesive as placement and works as a seal to dampen the noise from footsteps and floor squeaks. If you have had to deal with hearing every footstep taken above you, you'd surely want to prevent those below you from hearing yours.

Green Glue Noise-Proofing Joist Tape

Other Necessary Information About Green Glue

The materials used in Green Glue depend on frequency and amplitude. Green Glue takes about 7-10 days to dry and to start seeing a little bit of its effects; but it's full effect shows after 30-60 days depending on the number of drywall layers or other rigid surfaces used to sandwich the Green Glue. The higher the number of layers, the more the sound/noise will be damped. After 30-60 days, the noise would have drastically reduced or dissipated.

The Green Glue layer is about 0.5mm thick and can be used in floors, walls and ceilings. Green Glue can be cleaned up using Isopropyl Alcohol.  The Green Glue panels should be assembled back together within fifteen minutes of application. Since the Green Glue is in liquid form, it should be applied when it is wet and so therefore, the boards must be screwed together while it is still in this state. This yields maximum results after a number of days.

How to Apply and Install Green Glue

Green Glue soundproofing solution does not need rocket science knowledge to install it. It is advisable to have to some DIY ability though but keep in mind that it might not be easy handling large sheets of drywall or boards of whatever rigid surface you would be using. But honestly, that's as hard as it could get.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to install it for best results.

  • Clean surface to be used (OSB, Plywood or Drywall) so that it is free of dirt, saw dust or any other impurities that may have been on it before being needed for use.
  • Cut open the tube of Green Glue using a utility knife or even a box cutter. Attach the provided nozzle and cut it open as well. Thereafter, load up the compound on the applicator cock-gun.
  • Apply 2-3 tubes of Green Glue (depending on the size of the drywall); and because the application pattern doesn't matter, use any random pattern (you could even draw shapes if you want to get creative). Be sure to leave 1,2 or 3-inch border around the edges of the material for easy handling so you don't get some of the Green Glue on your hands when layering the boards on each other.
  • Once it has been layered with another of the same rigid surface, screw them into place to hold them firm.
  • It is advisable to leave a ¼-inch gap along the top and bottom where the wall meets the ceiling and floor respectively and where two walls meet to allow sealing using Green Glue sealant, as this prevents noise leaks. But if you feel the wall is covered up, then there will be no need for sealing. Otherwise, the sealant should be applied to the top and bottom of the wall, as well as the sides. The sealant should be allowed for at least 48 hours to dry before painting the walls or installing a wallpaper.

Tips and What Not to Miss out When Using Green Glue

So far, we have established some facts. Noise is disturbing so we don't want that and we have been able to identify a soundproofing compound (Green Glue) that provides solution to noise pollution. But there are some things that should be pointed out.

Green Glue is not a glue (despite the name) or an adhesive. It provides a damper solution between structures using what is known as Constrained Layer Mass Damping. This is what reduces the noise coming through the structures in an enclosed space. Yes, Green Glue only works in enclosed interiors and not exteriors because of the temperature fluctuations on the exteriors as a result of the weather and some other external factors.

Green Glue may not eliminate the noise entirely but it certainly reduces or dissipates it. So it depends on the layers of drywall or any other rigid surface used.

It is tricky and messy to work with if you're not careful. If it gets on your hands while installing, rinse off with water immediately. Once it's done with immediate effect, it comes off nicely. Otherwise, you'd have a situation. Also, do not let it get on your clothes, water or not, it won't come off. So do not wear your fancy clothes or expensive Prada, Armani or Gucci while at work with it unless the cloth is not of value to you.

Pros and Cons of Green Glue

As good as the Green Glue product comes, it has its pros and cons and takes patience to use.

Pros of Green Glue Product

  • Mainly, and what we're most concerned about, Green Glue dramatically reduces or dissipates the noise by converting the mechanical energy emitted from sound waves to heat. So you wouldn't be hearing your neighbor's kids cries anymore and neither would they be hearing your blender.
  • It is very easy to use once you read the instruction manual that comes as the product shadow. Once the instructions are followed, you would be good to go.
  • Green Glue is also a trusted product and brand name.
  • Green Glue is one of the most popular soundproofing materials used in homes and offices.
  • It also boasts of many positive reviews from its consumers.

Cons of Green Glue Product

  • Green Glue Product is a bit on the pricy side if you're on a small budget.
  • It has a pungent and slightly offensive odor when installed.
  • Green Glue Sealant takes two days (forty-eight hours) to dry and so if you're in a hurry to paint or install a wallpaper, you have to exercise patience.
  • Green Glue Compound, whether in its bucket or tube form, use 7-10 days to dry but it would take 30-60 days to see its maximum effect.


Green Glue Product has been tested and trusted to provide solution to unwanted sounds that would be disturbing. The method of installation has also proven to be easy and reliable. Also when you think about it, despite that it might be on the pricy side for those on a tight budget, it is totally worth it once the results come through. You wouldn't have to put up with annoying noises from your neighbor with kids, or with the college kids who always play rap music at the highest volumes, or even the footsteps coming from occupants of the apartment above yours and they always don't get to hear what you're doing in your own apartment. So with Green Glue, it's a win-win for everybody.

So now you have been informed with soundproofing using Green Glue. When you're moving into a new apartment or renovating, you could soundproof your house and never have to knock on your neighbor's telling them to 'turn it down'.

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