How to drown out noise from upstairs neighbors

Are you stressed in life due to an issue that might seem trivial to many? Are you restless and unable to get a few precious hours of sound sleep when you come back home from work? Are you unable to host any family events like birthdays or parties or even chill out with your friends and colleagues for a few hours peacefully, all because you are not clear on how to drown out noise from upstairs neighbors?  You are not able to even come to a proper conclusion or a firm solution to get rid of the problems your noisy neighbor upstairs is giving you literally every day? And the sad part is, they are really nice people and you don’t want to come to bad terms with them. Your friends and colleagues might find this an issue which is quite insignificant and might not pay much heed or give much importance to it. You are unable to come to any form of solid decision regarding how to deal with these people who are plaguing you and your family with lack of mental peace and proper sleep and your friends are not taking you seriously either and telling you to let it go. What do you do in this scenario? DO NOT worry, we have got it all covered for you.

How to Not Let Your Upstairs Neighbors Become a Menace in Your Life?

The first keyword to come to a peaceful solution, and as a result, a peaceful atmosphere at home is adjustment and compromise. You need to compromise with your upstairs neighbor and come to a peaceful agreement with them so that they are a bit more attentive and minimal in their production of noise and they warn their kids not to make unnecessary sounds as well during playtime and as a resultant, your peaceful haven and the quiet home ambience you used to come back to is effectively restored and you can tirelessly go to a quiet sleep again.

In case the neighbors agree to make considerable changes in their behavior and yet you do not get rid of the bugging noise on the floor whose underneath you are residing, perhaps it is time to make a serious change. You could contact the flat authorities to have a talk with the upstairs residents, or in the worst case scenario, where the opposite party vehemently refuses to make a change in their annoying and irritable behavior, you could yourself make a further shift to the top floor, or on a floor which is at least higher than those neighbors. If you are looking for a solid solution on how to drown out noise from upstairs neighbors, you could try this effective method which is a sure shot solution because those neighbors would no longer reside in your immediate top floor (pun intended)!

Also, in case you are looking for solutions which are less financially impactful and do not actually require you to make a shift, you can take a few other alternative steps which might help you to come to a solid solution as well regarding your noisy neighbors.

First and foremost, you could try to identify the focal points which are the source of frequent noise and what are the noise patterns and the level of noise that are actually bothering you. You could try getting used to the less impactful noises, and as we know very well from our experiences from a young age, we are the very loyal slaves of the habits we inculcate in ourselves gradually like a routine for a long period of time. If you think you need to actually learn how to drown out noise from upstairs neighbors, you might never be successful in it because you might feel it is a hardcore technique with detailed procedures which needs to be mastered. If you believe in your head that you can actually ignore them and the noise they are producing on a daily basis, you can actually overcome getting bothered by them. This will no more leave you in a flustered and helpless state and will prevent you from getting distracted anymore.

The density of the ceiling can be enhanced by eco-reducing or applying any other soundproofing materials, which will considerably reduce the amount of noise that reaches your bedroom, living room and makes living life miserable. Your kitchen can be modularized according to your requirements as well, adding another layer of ceiling right a few inches below the primary ceiling can be helpful in drowning out noise from upstairs neighbors since this layer absorbs the excess noise coming from upstairs.  Impact noise is drowned out completely and you will get rid of all the running, jumping and other noises produced by human footsteps.

You will also be able to free yourself from the constant irritating sounds produced by loading and unloading of boxes, baggage or other heavyweight materials. This is the reason many sophisticated corporate offices, coaching and training institutes are well-equipped with a second additional ceiling other than the first one.

 However, they are not quite common in our homes because the standard interior designers in the design and décor industry, specializing in homes are not yet familiar with the concept of a double ceiling in middle-class homes. The positioning of the apartment, cost effectiveness, how durable and long-lasting the product will be and other factors play a significant role in the construction of these ceilings as well.

In case you want to keep your home and ceiling design intact and yet you desperately need a permanent solution to this problem of noise produced by upstairs neighbors which is suffocating you and your family day and night and ruining your concentration in work or family events and parties, destroying your mental peace and not letting you sleep throughout the night, here is what you could try alternatively: Go have a talk with the upstairs neighbors.

Avoid pointing fingers or using any language or phrases that would be considered rude or accusing in any manner so that you still have a chance to conform to a solid understanding with your neighbors and maintain a good relation with them.

 Then you could, very coolly, suggest them to get the walkable and usable floor area covered in a good quality thick carpet. Getting a carpet would be beneficial to both parties, since the floor need not be cleaned regularly and the dust accumulated on the carpet can be cleaned on a frequent basis and you are all set.

The people residing on the floor where the carpet is set can now be a bit more relaxed as well since the risk of children or aged family members slipping and falling on slippery or watery tile floors is reduced to a great extent.

 Installation of a carpet requires the bare minimum charges compared to all other forms of technologies for soundproofing. You could now get the sleep you have been craving for months and be rest assured that you and your family will not be bothered any more by any further noise, since a large percentage of them gets blocked by the carpet which absorbs much of the impact and the resultant noise produced as well.

 Carpets are either made from wool or synthetic materials such as nylon, or a mixture containing other fibers such as polythene or polystyrene. The most common and widely available carpet, which can be cleaned easily are produced from nylon or an amalgamation of fibers the major percentage of which is nylon as well.

Changing the composition and build of the floors and the roof of the flat and adding some air gaps and air pockets is another highly clever technique which will effectively keep noise away because whenever there is an impact on the floor, the majority of the noise gets dissipated through the air gaps. In case you are hearing unpleasant sounds of water falling or leaking from someplace, which is even more common in the bathrooms (from where you are also likely to hear your upstairs neighbor flush their commode), you could try towels and wall coverings which keep your bathroom fresh and soundproof.

A most important aspect which we are often forgetful and often wary of when we buy or rent a home or apartment (majority of them have multiple floors and are heavily marketed by residential promoters) is that interaction is necessary in any society. If you face any emergency in the dead of the night, sure you could contact the higher authorities, medical or legal services by dialing their numbers, but your first and immediate aid would be your neighbor and vice-versa.

It is a mutualistic society after all we live in and give-and-take is universal. Therefore, instead of being so heavily self-centered (which many of us often mistake for being independent) and glued to the screens of our mobile phones’ day and night, we should get to know our immediate neighbors in the adjoining apartments, same building and even locality and maintain a good relation with them. Do seek their help, noise or otherwise, they will surely understand and cooperate with a smile!

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