How to Soundproof a Car

Luxury vehicles, muscle cars with a lot of turbo energy and power produce a lot of engine and road noises you sometimes can’t keep up with. This noise could thwart your opportunity at holding a decent conversation with friends and family in your car or play your carefully selected music playlist.

If you work a regular 9-5 job, getting stuck in traffic might not be a one-time affair. It is sometimes unavoidable and pretty much annoying but guess what could be even more draining. Imagine sitting there in traffic without making any significant progress on the queue, the sun beating down the top of your windshield and your sweat glands dancing to the tune of the sun’s ferocious intensity while still having to make do with the noise of construction equipment from surrounding sites, loud stereos toying with your brain nerves and the humming sounds from power bikes, wouldn’t you buy the idea of anything that offers you a way out from such destabilizing situation you have to go through each passing day?

Soundproof a Car

Driving in such a noisy situation can sometimes leave you mentally drained or heavily fatigued as driving itself creates a lot of vibrations that you can’t do away with except your car is properly insulated, oiled or well cushioned.

By and large, taking long trips using your car can be made enthusiastic and quite desirable if you decide to eliminate all of these noises.

You should be chilly happy to learn that there are a number of ways available to muffle all these sounds that come from the world outside of your car.

With that being said, it is important to know that soundproofing your car would not totally cancel out all the outside noise. You are still likely to hear some noise from the road escaping into your car especially if you drive an older car.

Nevertheless, it might interest you to know that most sounds especially the loud disturbing ones your brain cannot live with will be muffled out and look almost non-existent if you embrace these soundproofing methods.

Method of Soundproof a Car

Let’s have a look at some of the methods you can employ to soundproof your car from the noise of the outside world.

1. Use a Soundproof Mat

Most cars have regular floor mats that help in trapping dirt, making for a more comfortable ride and making the floor easier to maintain. These mats do close to nothing in soundproofing your car and you could consider using a soundproof mat like Dynamat instead.

Dynamat Thick Self-Adhesive Sound Deadener

Dynamat keeps all the road noise low, can absorb all the noise coming into your car and is a cut above all other soundproof mats. For best results, soundproof mats should be placed at the bottom of your car’s floor mats most especially those at the front seats.

2. Soundproofing Your Car Doors

One of the most effective ways of getting rid of outside noise as well as enjoying your car stereos to the fullest is soundproofing your car doors. The best way to go about this is using foam insulation.

Noico Car Sound Deadening Mat

To do this, you have to remove the first layer of your car door, then measure the door’s size so as to get the right measurement for the material required. If done, you can now apply the foam insulation covering as much - area inside your car - as possible. Note that this should be done in moderation so as not to add too much weight thereby making the car harder.

3. Installing a New Stereo

If installing a soundproof material such as soundproof mats or foam insulation feels like rocket science not mentioning that it is a tedious task to do yourself, you might choose to install a new stereo instead. The question however is how exactly installing a new stereo helps in tackling the problem.

If you choose to go via this method, you would be looking to get a sound system that is loud enough to cancel out noise from outside of the car. A sound system with a good bass capability will usually do the trick. Regardless, you must be careful not to go overboard with this as well as you don’t want to disturb other road users with your loud sound system.

4. Use of Soundproof Mats and Reflective Insulation

If you tried out using soundproof mats and they didn’t deaden as much noise as you would have wanted, why not add some reflective insulation as well.

Ez-Cool Vehicle Van Car Truck SUV RV Camper Insulation Kit

A reflective insulation helps to increase the amount of noise deadened by a soundproof mat, sometimes canceling as much as 80 percent of the noise. Added to this, it also helps keep the cold out of the car.

The reflective insulation should be applied under the soundproof foam mat and would usually work with the mat to bring your best noise cancelling experience. When used together, you can get the best soundproofing result you have ever longed for.


You are not alone in your hassles to cope with the road noises your ear drums have to keep up with on your daily commute. It is for this reason that you and many others have sought to soundproof their cars.

The refreshment and relaxation brought by a quiet ride on a long commute with perfect music playing on a brilliant stereo cannot be substituted for anything. For music enthusiasts, a quiet ride brings alive soft vibrations and beats you have never heard from a song that has long been on repeat.

Investing in sound deadening your car is an important asset, one you will never regret as you decide to make your car as comfortable as your home.

If you are one of those who spend a lot of time in their cars, be it for holiday trips with family and friends, a quick run to a nearby supermarket or to your workplace, soundproofing your car is non-negotiable.

A soundproof car will afford you the opportunity of enjoying your favorite music playlist or having a conversation in your car without needing to shout now and then to drive home your points.

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