How to Soundproof a Room for Drums

Drums are not friendly instruments to other places or spaces because using or playing it comes with loud noise and vibration. This kind of loud noise can be so disgusting and irritating to other room’s occupants or neighbors’ and as such one have to find a way to reduce such emotional and psychological frictions with other people. There would be no other way out than to know how to soundproof a room for drums. So if you have been dreaming about owning a soundproof drum room where you can have your rehearsals or practice in a loud volume without having to think about the next occupants or those in the next room or building then you have the guide below to help you achieves your dream.

The truth is that an utterly soundproof drum room lets out no sound, with soundproofing a drum room the drums will even sound better inside too and of course, will be quieter outside the drum’s room, and it will be you winning all the way both in and out of the drum’s room.

Reasons to Soundproof a Room for Drums

The Benefit of High Volume Experience

Soundproofing a room for drums is a good sound resistant, it will not only help in offering a barrier from sounds getting into other places near it but will also help keep external  noises and sounds away from entering the room for drums. So you can actually enjoy your drum beats in peace without disturbing anyone.

Add Style to the Room

Using or adding a preferred soundproof method of your choice to your drum’s room will be like a pleasant décor to the room. It will help beautify the room aside from giving you the comfort of hitting or playing the drum to the volume you need.

It Is Cheap and Easy to Install

Some soundproof methods to help keep sound from entering or getting out of your room for drums are really cheap and again easy to install. You have to follow the manual guide to install it .

No Other Sound Interference

This is a unique advantage of soundproofing a room for drums, the sound from the drums will sound better and of top quality because there’s no external interference of sounds or noises, so if one is having a recording session, then the best job will be done and gotten.

How to Soundproof a Room for Drums

Listed below are methods that can be used to soundproof your room for drums, you just have to choose the method that is favorable to you.

1. Use Sound Absorption Sheets

Audimute Sound Absorption Sheet Sound - Dampening Blanket

This is one of the affordable way or method you can use to soundproof your room for drums. It all about adding sound absorbing materials to the wall of the room, if one can get the Audimute’s absorption sheets or other good brands absorbing sheets, then it will help stop drum noise from leaving the room which might cause a problem with others. Most sound absorption sheets are said to have noise reduction (NRC) coefficient rate of 85 percent. These materials environmental and naturally friendly materials which help to reduce sound both economically and effectively.

2. Seal All Leaks and Gaps

Audimute Soundproofing Acoustic Door Seal Kit

The natural thing is that sounds will always go where the air goes, but truthfully with soundproof room air can’t leave or get in, so it will help make the outside of the room quiet just as expected. So it will be then better to finds where air leaks to seal it. So you can use an acoustic seal, caulk, and tape to seal all the spaces, gaps and leaks you can see around. You can use a flash torch to locate these gaps because it might just be tiny holes.

3. Install Sound Blocking Materials

Auralex Acoustics Studio Monitor Isolation Pads

You can as well use the sound blocking materials to block off all noise from getting in or going out. These materials include soundproofing underlayment, seam sealing tape, isolation pad, and sound barriers. Any of the following materials can be used to bar all forms of sounds.

4. Use Bass Traps to Capture Low Frequencies Noise

Foamily Acoustic Foam XL Bass Trap

If you are using the bass drum, then you will still have a problem with noise because bass drum has low frequencies and with sound, the lower the frequency of a sound is, the easier for noise to travel around. So this kind of noise from the bass drum can mostly be tackle with bass trap, this trap absorbs broadband of low to mid frequencies. So it will help stop all reverb in the corners of the drum’s room which would of cause the soundest reflection in any room.

5. Use Fabric Furniture Pads for Sound Dampening in the Drum’s Room

Egg Crate Foam Acoustic Foam Tiles

Fabric furniture pads are top-rated soundproofing product that can dampen sound; also drape on a curtain rod over doors can also be used alongside these pads for soundproofing doors and closets areas. Even the thicker or more substantial type of drapes can be added to windows of the room to minimize sounds and noise from getting into the room or leaving the room.

Final Verdict

Soundproofing a room for drums is just the right thing to do to avoid disturbing others living in the same vicinity. The noise from drumming can be too loud to be easily accommodated by others, so learning how to soundproof a room for drums is just the best bet. You should use 2 or more of the listed soundproofing methods for effectiveness and efficiency. But avoid using any of them over any electrical outlets or close to the light or even open flames because they can catch fire. If you can’t use these methods, then you can create a separate space in an existing room to use and separate it with a particular wall or ceiling, and you can use soundproof materials like sheetrock and drywall to cover the wall. Separating space in an already existing room will be a lot cheaper than other listed methods.

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