How to Soundproof a Window from a Traffic Noise

The home is a place of relaxation and comfort; one will always want a noise-free setting or environment. This kind of house will be more welcoming if one works from home, a tranquil and noiseless surrounding will be what one needs. Unfortunately, the window is one of the pivotal entry points where external noises come in from. The fact is that noise from the traffic is inevitable because motorists must ply the roads, mainly if one lived close to the highways, driveway and other routes used by drivers. 

Good enough, you might have soundproofed your doors or the entire house, but sincerely, if you didn’t soundproof the windows as well, you might not still have the needed quietness, because windows let in a reasonable amount of traffic noise too.

Studies have shown that a soundproof window will eliminate traffic noise levels between 80-95 percent. Soundproof windows will be more helpful in the area of making your environment quiet than installing dual pane window or just replacing the window with other materials. So if you have been having a hard time focusing and being productive the entire time because of noise coming from the traffic, then it might just be the time for you to learn how to soundproof a window from traffic noise. So if you need to know how to soundproof a window from traffic noise, you need to follow the guidelines below, and it will help you reduce a significant amount of traffic noise and help gives you the quietness you need.

Why Should You Soundproof a Window Against Traffic Noise?

There are numerous reasons why you should soundproof your window, it comes with some benefits that might be health related, could be for your social and mental benefits or because of the aesthetic benefits but you should soundproof your window because of the following reasons.

Elimination of Noise

Noise reduction is the most significant reason for soundproofing a window against traffic noise. One is sure of having a quiet environment and setting one needs. One comfort and peace of mind is guaranteed

Reduction Dirt Infiltration

Windows are the entry points of particles that fly about from the roads, when one soundproof the window there will be a considerable reduction of dust and dirt particles that comes from the street to infiltrate the home. Elements of dirt and dust are filtered out with soundproof windows.

There Will Increase Better Concentration and Efficiency

Nothing disrupts one’s attention like the unwanted noises, which is what traffic noise offers, and this can dramatically affect one’s performance primarily if one works from home or need to take a nap or relax. It can be very frustrating with all the loud noise. So to boost productivity, then the windows need to be soundproofed for better focus.

The Value of the Home Is Increased

With a soundproofed apartment, the cost is higher than one that isn’t soundproof. If it comes to selling such a home, it will sell faster. A lot of people always look to buy a home that almost all the parts are soundproofed.

How to Soundproof a Window from Traffic Noise

Seal All Gaps Between the Wall and the Window Borders

Green Glue Noise-Proofing Sealant

The traffic noise always forces itself through the tiny holes on the window, so the best thing to do is to seal them if any. Use the acoustic caulk to seals the gaps and spaces to prevent the traffic noise from pushing through. Acoustic caulk is durable, flexible, and doesn’t shrink when used for this purpose.

Try to Reduce Noise Leakage with Weather Tape

Interior Transparent Weather Sealing Tape

Another way on how to soundproof a window from traffic noise is by weather-stripping the windows. Use the weathering tape which could be the rubber, silicone, or foam tape to seal all openings. How to soundproof a window from a traffic noise

Reduce All the Echo with Thick Soundproof Curtains

Nicetown Thermal Insulated Curtains

You can use an excellent thick soundproof curtain to block off the noise from the traffic. So with this, you can block off the echoes and sound coming in through the window from the traffic and again, you can use the window as a pleasant décor for the home, it a win-win situation.

Reduce All Levels of Traffic Noise with Soundproof Moving Blankets

US Cargo Control Large Sound Blanket

You can’t go wrong with soundproof blankets if adequately used to avoid noise leakages. The best is the soundproof blankets with grommets, the grommets will help you hang the blankets over the window with ease, and you can remove easily too anytime you don’t want it hanging.

Use a Soundproof Window Plug

Soundproof window plug Is a perfect method of controlling the level of traffic noise in your space and environment. Soundproof window plug helps to block the sound leakage too, all you need do is to plug them in your window opening when you need to shut the traffic noise off entirely and get it off when you want to. This is highly effective if you decide to use it.

Replace the Old Windows

If the above options don’t give you what you need, then it will time to replace the old window and replace it with new soundproof double-pane window, and the installation should be professionally done with no cracks or gaps anyone for a high level of efficiency and complete elimination of traffic noise.


It can be frustrating if you like to enjoy peaceful and quiet moments in your home, but traffic noise wouldn’t let you be, so you have to soundproof where necessary which your window is one of such places. If you no longer want traffic noise interference with your daily life, then you should use two or more of the options listed above, that is if one isn’t giving you the level of quietness you need. Soundproofing your windows will play a significant role in reducing the amount of traffic noise that gets in to your space and environs.

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