Best Quiet Blenders You Can Buy

In the busy modern-day lifestyles, we are always on the lookout for quick fixes and healthy eating solutions at any time of the day. The blender plays a major role in making that possible.

There are only a few other kitchen appliances that can whip up instant solutions for our cravings. Blender is one of them. They are a great help in cooking elaborate recipes which requires a lot of steps to follow or is a concoction of a variety of flavors and mixes.

Blenders help in making instant juices and refreshing drinks during the summers. They are also a savior at your lunch gatherings, cooking up delicious dips and sauces for the otherwise bland courses.

Love Blender—Hate Noise

But unfortunately, contrary to its many benefits, running a blender is not the most soothing and pleasant experience for our ears. By no fault of its own and taking into consideration the numerous tough ingredients it needs to blend and the motor power involved, the noise generated during blending can be quite annoying and disturbing to the surroundings.

This high noise level often stops you to use the blenders at certain times. For example, during the wee hours of night or in the middle of a party or occasion, you feel reluctant to use the blender for a pressing need. You would rather take on tedious alternatives of chopping and kneading than using a blender in those situations.

In cases such as those as well as other extreme cases, one question must have crossed your mind—Is there a blender that doesn’t make noise?

With the advancement of science and technology, a quiet blender is a living reality. In fact, there are quite a few trusted and reputed brands out there which are manufacturing them. Using these quiet blenders, you can happily snack away as well as make your choice of meal any time of the day without a second thought.

Below, we delve into the fundamental requirements and necessities to identify the best quiet blender.

What Are the Quietest Blenders?

We’ll also get to it by compiling a list of  five best quiet blenders available on the market right now that ensure you will get a great blending experience in almost serene surroundings.

Things to look for while buying a quiet blender:

  • How Silent and Noiseless It Is: It is a no-brainer that the first thing you should look for while browsing for quiet blenders is whether the product is really quiet or not. In order to dampen the noise from motors, manufacturers use rubbers as well as manufacture the product with materials that curb noise. They also provide an additional case. Check for the decibel ratings of the blender before purchase.
  • Size and Power of Motor: The size as well as the power consumed by motor determines how loud or quiet the blender will be. Usually, the motor should have a range of 300 to 600W in order to smoothly chop the vegetables without generating too much noise.
  • Sharpness of Blade: Apart from the horse power of the motor, it is also important to take the sharpness of its blades into account. Most blender blades are made of stainless steel but they are not enough to keep the noise at bay. To that end, hardened stainless steel is the way to go to ensure a noiseless blending experience.
  • Warranty Period: It is safe to check for the quality parts and durability in construction when shopping for a quiet blender. That said, don’t forget to purchase one that comes with a net warranty period. Investing in a blender with a proper warranty period will give you peace of mind dealing with future issues and changes.

A List of 5 Best Quiet Blenders

1. Jamba Appliances Quiet Shield Blender

Jamba Appliances Quiet Shield Blender

One of the world’s top health and lifestyle brands, the Jamba Juice Company prides itself in manufacturing the ideal blenders for making all fruit smoothies, protein shakes and juices. As is clear from its name, the Quiet Shield Blender is specially designed using BPA-free Plastic with a 1200W motor and a compact design.

An added feature of the unit is the noise-proof enclosure that aids in dampening the noise of motor during blending. Moreover, it comes with a 32 oz dishwasher-safe and shatterproof jar, also accompanied by a travel size jar at times, depending on which manufacturer you purchased it from. These two jars are used alternatively, to make smoothies and milkshakes as well as grinding up other ingredients.

This high-performance quiet blender comes at an affordable rate and is also equipped with a tamper for breaking down any frozen food or tough ingredients.

2. Cuisinart CBT 1500 Hurricane

Cuisinart CBT 1500 Hurricane

This Hurricane line of high-powered blenders from Cuisine Art boasts of a motor horsepower of 1500 W, which is sufficient for tackling everyday ordinary blending activities.

It comes with an innovative feature of double housing which makes it stand out from the other blenders out there. It is this specialized design that allows it to run as quietly as it does.

Yet it can start generating sounds if operated at higher operational capacity. To combat this, you can simply place a rubber mat below the CBT 1500 to help dampen the noise.

Although it comes with a touchpad panel, pulse control and built-in timer, it has only two speed presets and no variable speed control.

Aside from this fact, the CBT 1500 is a fairly advanced and quiet blender for both home as well as professional cooking purposes. 

3. Hamilton Beach 1500w Quiet Shield Blender

Hamilton Beach 1500w Quiet Shield Blender

Similar to the one from Jamba Appliances, this blender maintains its silent blending through its noiseproof enclosure, also known as “Quiet Shield” enclosure.

Made out of plastic that is BPA free, it has a roaring motor with 2.0 peak horsepower and stainless steel blades that spin at 105 mph, enabling it to chop off the toughest veggies and ingredients for blending.

The extreme motor power this unit generates is complemented with a built-in cooling system as well as a self cleaning feature.

Although self-cleaning is a convenient feature for a blender to have, in case you prefer cleaning it yourself, you’d be glad to know that the Hamilton Beach Quiet Blender is dishwater-proof.

With the brilliant system of three presets, namely for smoothies, ice crush and puree, it boasts of a variable speed control and pulse dial.

In spite of all these amazing and innovative features, its noise credentials are lagging behind as it gets mildly loud at higher speed settings.

That being said, it’s quieter than most other blenders in the market and if the sound bothers you, you can always place a rubber mat beneath to dampen the blending noise.

4. VAVA 500W Smoothie Blender

VAVA 500W Smoothie Blender

The specialty of this smoothie blender which deserves a special mention is its uber-cheap price tag.

Apart from its easy affordability, this blender is also incredibly quiet, being one of the few blenders in the market that can manage this level of silent blending.

However, one of the reasons people don’t quite like it is because of the unit’s comparatively small and less powerful motor.

That drawback is triumphed by its fair amount of smart features, including a speed control variable and three presets, namely for pulse, ice crush and smoothies. These features can self-adjust themselves according to the task and the speed required.

With a heavy-duty 51oz glass jar, this smoothie blender can be used to prepare just about any delicacies, including soups, juices, smoothies, pancake batter, dressings and even baby food.

5. Froothie Optimum VAC2

Froothie Optimum VAC2

The Optimum VAC2 from Froothie is a heavy-duty vacuum blender with a deadly motor power of 2200W. Before blending, air is removed from the jar to prevent oxidation while blending.

Because of this, you are not only benefited with fresh and nutritious drinks and smoothies but are also able to prepare them ahead of time to be consumed later on.

Equipped with a tamper and 6 prong stainless steel blades, thus unit is designed to minimize heat and sound generation at higher speed.

With a generous jar of 68 oz, a built-in self timer and five smart presets, this quiet blender is an ideal choice for silent blending experience. There’s no denying this unit offers you peace of mind.

However, it does get a bit loud with heavy blending exposures. The plastic jar is a bit unappealing as well, which can become discolored and faded after heavy usage, if not maintained properly.

But these minor setbacks hardly impact the reputation of this power-packed blender with killer features.

Final Recommendation

In conclusion, no matter which brand you choose make sure it is a proper fit for your current living space as well as enhances your blending experience.

For instance, blenders from Jamba Appliances and Hamilton Shield are known for affordable and high-speed performance whereas the VAVA Smoothie blender is an ideal choice in terms of compactness, portability, and energy-efficiency.

On the other hand, the Froothie Optimum VAC2 fits perfectly into any domestic and homely surroundings.

Lastly, don’t forget to compare the prices of individual blenders, as well as thoroughly examine their features and specialties before making a purchase decision.

A good, working blender that produces the least amount of blending noise plus offers high durability and longevity is what you are looking for. Don’t settle for anything less than that. Happy shopping! 

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