Soundproofing Your Garage

Your garage is a safe haven to while away time and try out your favorite hobbies. It is your auto repair shop, workshop as well as your storage area where you keep all your tool setup. The problem is that the garage can be really noisy and a worrying problem for your family and neighbors.

However, it is almost impossible for you to spend time in your garage, getting your hands dirty without thinking of your neighbors and the headache you are causing them.

Simply put, a garage not only serves the function of a workshop, repair shop or where you park your car, the space could be used for a host of other things like a music studio, gym or playroom.

If you host noisy little kids in the morning and band rehearsals at night, you might want to protect your privacy and not irritate the neighbors unnecessarily especially if you live in a quiet neighborhood.

While hard surfaces like the walls of your garage will reflect the sound, softer surfaces will absorb the noise and this is where soundproofing installations come in.

Soundproofing your garage can return it into that peaceful escape you have always wanted it to be. While soundproofing isn’t expected to be an easy job to do even for Mission Impossible Tom Cruise, the numerous advantages you stand to gain will keep you going.

It is important you soundproof your garage to reduce the number of complaints you receive daily from family and neighbors. It also gives you that freedom to use the garage as you please without necessarily needing to keep the noise levels low. Added to that, your productivity while working in the garage is increased since you do not have to deal with noise distractions without mentioning that it betters your privacy and security as no one needs know how or when you are working in your garage.

Whether you choose to use your garage as a hobby room, for workshop repairs or band practice, you would have to implement these soundproofing techniques to deaden the noise as much as possible.

Techniques Soundproofing a Garage

Soundproofing the Doors

Noise could get into your garage space through your doors and the gaps left underneath them during installation. You can eliminate this by replacing your garage door with a solid core door. However this method isn’t cost effective as compared to other options you could explore.

LOOBANI Door Seal Strip

To soundproof your doorway it is necessary to seal the gaps below, on the top and by the sides of the door. For best results, you could seal the bottom of the door using Loobani Weather stripping which is available on Amazon and is particularly excellent at plugging the gap beneath the door because of its high compressibility.

For the sides and top of the door, kits from M-D Building (available on Amazon) are highly recommended. They are easy to install and are far from time consuming. Having done that, some little gaps could still be left between the seals and the door which can be dealt with the use of acoustic caulk.

M-D Building Products 50100 M-D Single Garage Door Threshold Kit

Since it is not practical to stick drywall to your garage door, using a Mass Loaded Vinyl will suffice as it is considered flexible. However if your soundproofing needs are not very much, you could make do with some heavy curtains alongside other soundproofing measures already mentioned.

Soundproofing the Walls Using Drywalls

It can be seen that adding extra mass in most cases help our soundproofing as mentioned in some of our other articles. A drywall would do the trick in this case.

The first step to installing a drywall is measuring your garage wall to determine its dimensions, an important criterion to be satisfied before buying a drywall.

Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound

After then, it is highly important to take care of all the cracks and crevices on your old wall. You can fill these holes using a green glue – a soundproofing material – or any other sticky gluey substance. Afterwards, place the drywall and screw accordingly.

It must be noted that installing a drywall isn’t as easy as basic arithmetic and might need the services of a professional for proper installation.

Use of Acoustic Foam Panels

​Acoustic foam panels can do a great deal at soundproofing your garage space. These sponge-like panels are made of soft materials that absorb sound waves rather than let them bounce off and cause reverberations all across the garage.

Foamily 12 Pack- Acoustic Panels Studio Foam Wedges

If not self-adhesive, green glue could be used to attach these acoustic foam panels to the walls and ceilings. Acoustic foam panels soundproof spaces by absorbing sounds rather than blocking these sounds.

It is necessary to point out that these panels collect dust easily and would therefore require regular cleaning.

Rubber Mats and Rubber Wheels

Apart from walls, doors and windows, floors are also culprits of leaking out sounds. They allow transmission of vibrations across a wide area of floor space and a rubber mat or wheel will help keep that in check.

IncStores Premium Rubber Gym Flooring Mats

Covering the floor with a soft material like rubber mats do a great job at preventing sounds from bouncing off and the floors vibrating so vigorously when your power machines are in use.

It is in the use of these power machines that rubber wheels come in. When used, they make the vibrations from the machine lose a bit of power before reaching the floor.

Using Window Inserts

Windows are wrongly the most overlooked places when the topic of soundproofing is debated. Window inserts are a removable additional layer of glass that make air gaps that catch the noise coming in and out of the garage workshop.

An advantage of these window inserts is that they are removable and are extremely helpful materials in soundproofing your garage.


After all that work, you can be sure to be set free from all distractions and noise complaints from your neighbor. Remember that for your soundproofing techniques to be effective, you would need to figure out the vulnerabilities of the space.

Quick recommendation however – focus most of your energy on soundproofing the doors as they are most times the culprit. Now, with all these listed points you are sure to soundproof your garage like a pro, perhaps end up giving it that acoustic effect your toddler needs for his band practice.

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