Top 7 Best Exterior Wall Insulation for 2019

The summer months can get awfully hot and steamy. With the soaring temperatures, you might expect your home to remain cool, while providing you with ample comfort and relief from the heat.

The question is, is that at all possible?

With the scorching heat outside, walls and floors in our homes get unduly heated up, causing the whole interior to get warmer, eventually turning it into a boiler room. To avoid this, insulation plays a major role and must be on the checklist for all homeowners. There’s no way to avoid the summers.

Insulation serves as the barrier between the interiors of your house and the exterior atmosphere, preventing the interiors to get overheated, thereby keeping it cool and at a comfortable temperature. A proper insulated home saves up on energy as well as its electricity bills while you enjoy a cool, refreshing summer.

After an extensive research, we have come up with the 7 best insulations for exterior walls that have been rated highly by the users:

1. NASA TECH Industrial by AES:


  • This wall insulation roll has a measurement of 4 feet x 250 feet i.e 1000 sq feet in length.

  • It is one of the strongest, heavy-duty Industrial grade radiant barriers and is perforated and breathable.

  • Manufactured under the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) safety regulations and meets a Class 1, Class A fire and smoke-safety rating

  • Its Super Shield Reflective Insulation technology has a five layer reflective energy shield which reflects 99.97% of heat rather than absorbing it

  • Ideal for houses, attics, sheds and garages

  • Each aluminum layer is bonded to a tough Mylar layer and has an interwoven nylon scrim for added strength.

  • Pros:

  • It is tear resistant, hence cannot be ripped or torn apart

  • Cuts easily with knifes and scissors, thus guaranteeing easy installation

  • Non toxic and does not support growth of bacteria and fungi

  • Unaffected by humidity and hence no maintenance required

  • Keeps home cool and comfortable all summer while reducing utility bills at the same time.

With all the above advantages and many more, this exterior wall insulation is a perfect investment this summer.


  • This reflective wall insulation comes in six different sizes of 16”x50ft, 16”x100ft, 24”x50ft, 24”x100ft, 48”x50ft, 48”x100ft

  • It reflects 97% radiant energy and works as a perfect radiant barrier

  • It has supreme quality with 3mm closed cell polyethylene foam layered between pure aluminum on both sides, providing reflective foam insulation.

  • Has a Class 1/Class 1 fire rating

  • This commercial grade insulation can be used for insulating walls, ceilings, attics, concrete floor, water heater tank, water pipe, air ducts, swimming pools, wine cellars, steel buildings among few others.


  • Made with excellent soundproofing material

  • Resistant to humidity, moisture and molds

  • Strong but lightweight, hence easy to cut and install

  • Comes with 10 year warranty

  • This insulation product from Reach Barrier is one of the most versatile and can be installed in attics, interior and exterior walls, garage ceilings, roof decking, radiant floors as well as in metal and steel buildings.

This is one of the most effective reflecting barriers out there and is worth every penny.


  • This premium quality insulation roll measures 125 feet long, 24 inches high and .03 inches thick

  • Its Reflective Air2 Insulation Technology features two layers of sealed air which are held between two layers of durable and reflective polyethylene.

  • The Reflective Air2 meets with ASTM standards and complies with Building Code.


  • Has longer air retention which provides excellent insulation and sound reduction.

  • Hassle-free installation with no fumes or itchy skin.

  • Energy efficient

  • Cost effective

Installing this low-cost home improvement might be the perfect insulation solution your home needs this summer.


  • Made of two-layered 96% reflective film and two internal layers of heavy gauge polyethylene bubbles which are flexible, lightweight and durable

  • Double bubble foil measures 40”x65ft roll and 6mm/0.236inch thickness.

  • Has a wide range of use in crawl spaces, attics, walls, metal buildings and posts or frame structures.


  • This reflective foil is made of an innovative environment-friendly material which serves as a perfect alternative to old glass fiber and foaming materials which causes undue damage to the human body and the environment.

  • It is impenetrable by ultraviolet rays.

  • Has a smooth surface and clear texture, ensuring easy installation

  • Saves energy by reducing stress on heating and cooling systems, thus reducing utility bills.

This advanced Double Bubble foil technology serves as an effective insulation from the summer heat and is definitely your best choice. All in all it’s a smart investment.


  • This commercial grade exterior wall insulation roll has a measurement of 500 sq feet, (4ft x 125ft)

  • It is made of solid non-perforated, breathable material

  • Has reinforced 99.9% aluminum on both sides that block 97% of the radiant heat in summer

  • Has industrial strength that comes with woven polyethylene scrim which is known for tear resistance

  • With a Class 1/ Class A Fire rating

  • Exceeds required ASTM standards

  • Has Water Vapor Permeability of 8.5

  • Its Reflective Insulation technology creates five-layer, non-perforated and reflective shield of energy.

  • Ideal for attics, sheds, warehouses and as a house wrap for walls, ceilings and floors.


  • Made with commercial grade materials, it is tear resistant and cannot be ripped or torn.

  • Non-perforated with easy installation and maintenance.

  • Energy-efficient

  • Cost effective

  • Facilitates saving up to  45% in savings for cooling purposes during summer

This innovative and scientifically designed house wrap is a must-have. This is an affordable investment this summer for keeping your home interiors cool.


  • This bubble pack insulation roll has a 24”x50ft thick edge

  • It is manufactured  in China with the highest quality materials

  • With double bubble on both sides 5/16 inch thick for effective reflective insulation.

  • Has two layers of aluminum foil, each layer bonded to a polyethylene layer for added strength and durability.

  • Reflects 97% radiant energy with the R-value of up to 14.3 depending on application

  • Class 1/ Class A fire rating

  • Approved by BOCA, CCMC, SBCCI and complies with FTC.

  • Has a wide application in walls, roofs and basements, garages, window coverings, stables, sheds and pole barns.


  • Its metallic foil surface is a heat repellant

  • The air bubble lining resists transfer of heat

  • It is non-toxic and non-carcinogenic

  • Is lightweight and can be installed easily using scissors, staples and tape

  • Perfect vapor barrier with below grade installation

  • Super durable and easy to use and maintain

  • Energy saver

  • Cost effective

This unit offers great value for price and leaves you with a relaxed and relieved summer.


  • This reflective insulation roll has a measurement of 1000 sq feet (4ftx250ft) and is also available in 500ft for custom made lengths.

  • It is ideal as a residential retrofit, mostly used in the attic as an insulating layer over the existing insulation, along with some other OEM applications.

  • It is only available in perforated 4” widths.

  • This is the first unit developed with expert skill and precision by Innovative Insulation.

  • Super R Diamond is a two-sided reflective film, made of pure aluminum and high-quality polyester with reinforced scrim inside that is specially designed to reflect radiant heat in any season.

  • It meets the new ASTM E84 and E2599 fire code regulations and safety standards.

  • Ideal for use in walls, roofs, attics, patios as well as green houses.

  • It is durable and lightweight

  • Easy and hassle-free installation with just simple scissors and tape

  • Saves energy and is environment-friendly

  • Affordable and cost-effective

  • Can be used to retrofit existing structures and is ideal for insulating underside section of the roof rafters in an attic.

With its sleek and latest design and technology, the Super R Diamond is one of the best exterior wall insulations out there. It’s a perfect product for this summer.


All the above mentioned products utilize the mechanics of reflective insulation to provide you with a pleasant home temperature.


One of the most advanced and sought-after products in the market, almost all of these units reflect away more than 95% of the radiating heat, thus maintaining cooler interiors.

Apart from this, their easy and fuss-free installation and almost no further maintenance means they can be installed well before or during summers.


In a nutshell, these units are a low-cost home improvement to invest upon for a cool and stress-free summer.

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